Rudy Project Eyewear for 2005

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05/10/2005| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne
Rudy Project Wizaard. Photo copyright
Rudy Project Wizaard. Photo copyright

Rudy Project Eyewear for 2005

Dave reviews new Wizaard, Kalyos and Tretyon sunglasses.

When you find something that works, you never want to get rid of it. So it is with all my Rudy Project eyewear. For more than eight years now, I?ve been wearing Rudy Projects. Luckily for me, Rudy Project doesn?t rest on their past success. They have introduced new glasses for 2005.


Many times, it seems as though a functional item can?t be practical and stylish at the same time. Not so with ?Technically Cool Eyewear? from Rudy Project. Take a look at the Wizaard and Kalyos for 2005.



The Wizaard comes in five different frame colors with a choice of ten lenses. The first thing I always notice about Rudy Projects is the lens clarity. They are optical quality for UV400 protection. New for 2005 is the redesigned nosepiece. The noticeable difference is the hole in the nosepad. If you want to get technical, it is an aerated Megal nosepad. This piece is adjustable to make the glasses sit on your nose the way you want. I never experienced any uncomfortable pressure, nor did they slip down even with perspiration from riding. Tension from the bows keeps the glasses snugly in place again, without any uncomfortable pressure points. There is a slot near the front of the bows to connect the optional elastic strap.


The slightly curved frame gave that ?wrap around? look and offered plenty of wind protection. During some early season riding (from an old guy who gets fat in winter), the lenses didn?t fog up even with all my huffing and puffing. Styling is always a subjective issue, and the Wizaard seems a bit bold in my opinion.



The Kalyos appears to be a streamlined version of the Wizaard. The temples appear to be the same as does the newly designed nosepiece. The frame appears to be the top half of the Wizaard. For you weight freaks, it comes in at 21 grams compared with 24 for the Wizaard.


The functionality of the Kalyos was the same as the Wizaard. I was still huffing and puffing when I wore them, and neither fogged up. There weren?t any pressure points from the bows or nosepiece, and they stayed in position. I preferred the Kalyos as a matter of style as I like the open frame look.


We also had the chance to try out Rudy Project Tretyon sunglasses from their performance attitude line.



The Tretyon glasses have a style of their own. These rimless glasses weigh in at 18 grams. In addition to the crisp clarity of their optical lenses, they feature the adjustable Ergonose and Grilamid temples. I thought that the small lens area would permit more light to sneak around the lenses. However, the glasses fit snug on the face and provide full protection. I didn?t care for the style of bows. They were very long and extended about an inch past my ears. They did fit snugly and didn?t slip. The style is a bit more ?dressy? and may appeal more to the younger generation instead of old guys who get fat in winter! I know for a fact that one of my fellow reporters has worn them with great success. According to him, they ?work like a magnet.? Women keep turning their heads.


I am never disappointed with Rudy Project sunglasses. Certainly, styling is a matter of personal preference, but the variety allows you to be an individual. Yes, parts can break and lenses can get scratched, but help is always there. I?ve returned scratched lenses after a few years of use, and there was never any hassle. Customer service is friendly and quick. I wear Rudy Projects daily and will continue to do so because they function and meet the needs of cyclists and because Rudy Projects sponsors racers. I can?t wait until their new line comes out in 2006!


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