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04/4/2004| 0 comments
by Julian Dean

Julian Dean Diary

Ready for the big ones?

Ready For The Big Ones?!?!?!

I?m now in Belgium getting ready for the big one tomorrow, the Tour of Flanders - the most prestigious one day race in the world.

I?ve had a pretty good week?s training. After Sunday, which was a race much too hard and hilly for me (hence the reason why I stopped after 140km), I had an easy day then punched out a good three day block to try and bring myself up for this all important week. I was pretty tired after last week?s races but they were good preparation to bring me up to another level for the big ones this week. I felt a lot of pain in the legs after those races because I wasn?t conditioned to that style of racing. I think that next week I?ll be better as my body has had the chance to adapt more to Classic-type races.

What?s the plan? Well, after last week?s performances, it was obvious to me that I?m not at the level that I?d hoped to be at. I?m ok and I know that I?m going to be better this week, but I?m not likely to be up to the level needed for a great performance. I?m pretty disappointed about that. I had every intention of being at the top level but there?s not a thing I can do about it now. Fortunately for the team, Thor Hushovd is at the top of his game and is coming off some good results over the last couple of weeks. We?ll be working for him tomorrow and we all hope that he?ll show the team colours at the front. I?ll be doing my best to support him throughout the race and if all goes well and I am at a higher level, maybe I can be there to help him right up to the final minutes. I believe he has the capacity to do a good ride here given the form he has shown over the last couple of weeks.
Here?s hoping....

Flanders is an awesome race and the atmosphere is like no other. It?s the epitome of cycling fanaticism here in Europe and I?m really looking forward to it - as hard and as merciless as it is. For results, I?m hoping to go well in Gent- Wevelgem on Wednesday. As for Paris-Roubaix, I?ll see how the week goes but like the Tour of Flanders, I?m picking we?ll have to work for the big man Thor.

Catch ya.

Team Credit Agricole

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