Product Review: CeraSport Sports Drink

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03/23/2006| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne

Product Review: CeraSport Sports Drink

CERA Products has developed a scientifically proven sports drink product.

No pun intended, but the market is saturated with sport drinks. Most of the time, it seems like you grab whatever the race promoter has received from a sponsor. They all taste ok, more or less, and seem to quench your thirst. Beyond that, are sport drinks given additional consideration?


CERA Products has definitely given their product a lot of consideration. Can you believe CeraSport is developed from rice-based carbohydrates? Their formula utilizes more sodium to promote faster fluid absorption. Don?t worry; they have research from Johns Hopkins University to back it up.


I tried the individual packets of citrus (lemon) and fruit punch (berry) flavors. Tear open one of the handy packets and dump it into 16 ounces of water. After a little shake, you have your mix. I chugged most of the bottle before setting off on a couple hours of riding. It was a mild day and I varied my speed and effort. I finished the bottle during the ride and mixed another when I got home.


Like anything you eat or drink, taste is subjective. I think CeraSport tastes a little creamy and slightly sweet. The ?flavors? were distinct enough from each other and had their own unique citrus and punch association.


I was surprised that I wasn?t craving more to drink. The CeraSport seemed to subdue the need to want to drink all the time. There was no noticeable buzz or rush followed by the sharp drop that you sometimes get with energy drinks and food. I was tired when I ended my ride but not drained. After sitting a bit, I didn?t feel stiff or tight.


A couple days later, I used CeraSport again. This time I was in our local racquetball tourney and played in two divisions. I again downed almost a full bottle before playing and was glad I did. I ended up playing four matches straight for over three hours. All I drank was CeraSport and I was surprised I felt fresh. Again, it quenched my thirst and I didn?t have sore muscles.


It certainly seems as though CERA Products has developed a scientifically proven sports drink product. Even better, it works in the real world. Who would have thought about rice based carbs? (other than the Chinese) After spending a month in Taiwan, I got hooked on soy milk. Who knows, maybe the next sport drink will be soy based!


Give CeraSport a try and learn more at

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