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SRAM PG-1050 Cassette (10-Speed)
Retail Price: $77.00
Our Price: $42.24
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SRAM's shifting prowess is one of its greatest selling points. The affordable PG-1050 10-Speed Cassette proves that you don't need to spend a fortune to get a stellar shifting experience. The PG-1050 uses SRAM's WiFli (Wider, Faster, Lighter) as the basis for its design. Using both an 11-36 and...
SRAM PG-1170 Cassette
Price: $98.00
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The SRAM PG-1170 Cassette provides smooth shifting across 11 gears with its semi-spidered steel cogs. Ideally pairing with SRAM's Force 22 groupset, the PG-1170 cassette features a 16T cog for extra cadence control and delightfully smooth shifting when you're hovering around the middle block of...
SRAM Red XG-1290 12-Speed Cassette
Price: $377.00
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An intricate component in the redesign of SRAM's Red eTap AXS group is that of its Red XG-1290 12-Speed Cassette. To go 12-speed, you need well, 12 cogs, but it's so much more than just that. Because of its 10-tooth starting cog afforded by its XDR driver body, it opens up a whole new, wider...
SRAM Rival XG-1250 12-Speed Cassette
Price: $132.00
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SRAM's innovative gearing tech is now available for Rival with the Rival XG-1250 12-Speed Cassette. It utilizes tight jumps between chainrings and a wide range, 10-tooth start cassette for smooth, precise shifting. With this cassette, we're covered for road, gravel, weekend adventure riding, and...
SRAM Rival XPLR XG-1251 12-Speed Cassette
Price: $158.00
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With new terrain comes new range on the SRAM Rival XPLR XG-1251 12-Speed Cassette. We fit this cassette to our gravel bikes and get on with getting out there into roads less traveled. This cassette is finished off with nickel-chrome plating and helps our drivetrains withstand the test of time......
SRAM SRAM PG-1070 Cassette
Retail Price: $93.00
Our Price: $68.35
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The SRAM PG-1070 Cassette, unlike many competitors' cassettes at this level, is made completely from steel cogs. SRAM's design wizards, however, have managed to keep the weight of the PG-1070 at just 220 grams, without resorting to Ti cogs at the larger end of the cassette, which wear faster than...
SRAM XG-1190-A2 Cassette
Price: $339.00
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You've ridden mid-range, workhorse componentry for years now, eschewing the latest and greatest for the pragmatic choice time and time again. If you're finally stepping up your drivetrain game, go all the way already and upgrade to Red. One of the defining members of the groupset, the resplendent...
SRAM XG-1275 GX Eagle 12-Speed Cassette
Price: $231.00
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Positioned as the workhorse cassette option from SRAM, the XG-2175 GX Eagle 12-Speed Cassette delivers top-tier functionality with only a slight weight penalty compared to the top-spec Eagle cassettes. With 10-50t and 10-52t options, the gear range is impressively wide for long days in the saddle...
SRAM XG-1295 X0 Eagle Transmission 12-Speed Cassette
Price: $400.00
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The cassette is the shining star of the new SRAM Eagle Transmission groupset, and the SRAM XG-1295 X0 Eagle Transmission 12-Speed Cassette is built to hold up to the wear and tear enduro racing and E-MTBs. The massive 520% gear range gives us tons of options, whether we're pointed straight up the...
SRAM XG-1295 X01 Eagle 12-Speed Cassette
Price: $415.00
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Walking your bike up a hill is a bit like wearing a cone-of-shame--exposed, dreadful, and a bit sad. We stay on our bike and avoid feelings of embarrassment with the SRAM XG-1295 X01 Eagle 12-Speed Cassette. The cassette lets you tackle moderate slopes with the typical 10-42t configuration and...
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