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Profile Design Airstryke V2 Aluminum Clip-on Aerobars Ano Matte Black, Adjustable Stack and Reach
Price: $183.00
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We can identify two primary problems with installing clip-onbars on our road bikes. First, when fitting them on standard road drop bars fora triathlon or time trial, we usually have to install a straight seatpost orslam the saddle forward to compensate for the extensions being further forward.Second, the armrests usually cover the tops of the bar, leading to the dreadedhands on the pad technique on steeper climbs. The Airstryke V2 Aluminum Clip-onAerobars take care of the second issue by including Profile Design's patentedFlip-Up brackets, which use springs to keep the armrests elevated while you'renot resting on them. This preserves access to your drop bar's top or the entirebase bar without sacrificing the benefits of clip-on extensions when it's timeto get aero. As for the cockpit adjustments, we recommend investing in a secondsaddle/seatpost combo if it isn't a proprietary design and you'll have a quickas an easy dedicated setup for triathlons, time trials, and weekend omniums.