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QM Sports Care Soothing Gel One Color, 100ml roller
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What is the worst thing about practicing self-massage In our book it's the mess from the oils, though the awkwardness of it all is right up there. The QM Sports Care Soothing Gel is a wonderfully packaged as a roll-on and works as a post-race muscle savior. When we say roll-on we mean just that, but don't mistake it for your deodorant. To apply, simply unscrew the cap and start rolling it on muscles or joints that are sore, overused, and tired. You'll immediately feel an instant cooling sensation followed by a long lasting afterglow of deep-sinking comfort. Resist the temptation to roll it on and then rub it in with your hands. All you'll do is ball it up and lose the effect. Instead, roll it on and leave it to absorb, which takes perhaps a minute or two. At the races, you can roll it on as you peel yourself out of your kit and expect it to be dry by the time you've managed to dress into your civvies again. Since all QM Sports Care products are 100% natural, you'll see that things like leaf oil and aloe leaf extract have been added to the ingredients to give it that tingly soothing quality. Roll QM Sports Care Soothing Gel on your quads after a tough crit, or on your neck and upper shoulders before going to bed at night, and you'll be amazed by how much it relieves chronic aches and pains related to body-hammering exercise.