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Cane Creek eeWings All-Road Crank Arms
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There's no shortage of good carbon cranks on the market, and after years riding them we get that there are benefits in stiffness and weight saving. The thing is, nothing catches our eye quite like a beautiful brushed titanium finish, and with a claimed 20 - 30% stiffness increase over premium carbon cranks on the market at a comparable weight, the Cane Creek eeWings All-Road Crank Arms make us truly question whether carbon fiber really is the best material for the power-driving component on our gravel and all-road bikes. After all, a good crankset should be as light and strong as possible, and the durability, stiffness, and lightweight nature of the eeWings' titanium construction is sure to outlast its carbon counterparts. The eeWings cranks are another collaboration between Cane Creek and Craig Edwards, who was the driving force behind the proven eeBrakes. He originally designed a similar titanium crank, dubbed Sweet Wings, way back in 1994 and at the time they were the lightest and stiffest cranks available. In fact, much of its designs and features were 10-15 years ahead of its time and help influence crank designs to this day. Cane Creek realized the potential of embracing this design to create something timeless and different, and here we are with these gorgeous titanium cranks that rival the performance and weight of carbon, but are able to take much more of a beating. This makes them a perfect option for the mix of on- and off-road terrain we typically ride on our gravel bikes, but they should not be discounted as an option for your road bike as well. And perhaps the best part, to make them look like new again all it takes is brushing them up with a green scouring pad. Much like the eeBrakes we also carry from Cane Creek, we're super impressed by the flyweight construction, attention to detail, and absolutely zero compromises. To achieve this, the eeWings arms are constructed of Grade 9 Ti-3AI-2. 5V, while the Hirth joint and chainring interface, s...