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ENVE M730 Industry Nine Hydra 29in Boost Wheelset
Price: $2,550.00
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When the trail takes you on the edge of sanity, barreling down technical terrain that litters an Enduro course, you might be tempted to reach for some brake to slow your roll. While conventional knowledge would have you thinking that's the right call to make, when you're rolling atop ENVE's M730 Industry Nine Hydra 29in Boost Wheelset you give your brakes a rest -- the wheels can handle it. Whether it's slick root jungles and hub-deep rock gardens, or lofty gaps that have you questioning your sanity, the 730 holds up to the rigors and demands you send its way, offering back durability, and snappy, responsive handling in return. The M730 is here to elevate your riding with a redesigned rim featuring a lightweight protective strip to keep your wheels and tires safely turning after smashing root lattices and casing huge drops. This iteration partners up with Industry Nine to lace you up to the latest and greatest Hydra hub that brings hub engagement down to a snappy 0. 52-degrees to propel you forward at warp speed, so you don't lose a watt of power to the pedals. ENVE's M730 line takes queues from the M70's that came before it, like the use of downhill-worthy carbon laminates that stand up to aggressive all-mountain charging, but it strays from the profile with changes to increase strength. The M730 is designed to better pair with modern tires so that they can better absorb chunder and chatter from the trail without being run at ungodly-high tire pressures. Nothing will spook you faster when you're charging a dusty line than drifting in a corner where you were anticipating feeling planted, so ENVE gave the M730 the ability to run its new Protective Rim Strip that provides pinch-flat protection so that you can run your tire pressure lower for increased traction. The Protective Rim Strip isn't designed just to reduce pinch flats, though; it's intended to protect your rim in its entirety against harsh riding and impacts, so that harsh puncture flats aren't so likely t...