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Cervelo Caledonia 5 Dura Ace Di2 Road Bike Oasis, 58cm
Price: $11,500.00
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We know and Cervelo knows that the modern road rider does not simply stick to the pavement, and that's why they built the Caledonia 5 Dura Ace Di2 Road Bike. Sometimes we have to take a risk and cut across grassy lawns or dirt roads. But, most of the time, we're riding to feel the joy of it all. From the minute we start our ascent up the nearest mountain pass to the shortcuts we find and glorious descents we revel in, we love it all, and especially if we have a road bike built specifically for our needs. That's what Cervelo is aiming for with the Caledonia 5. They developed this bike in collaboration with pro riders to satisfy our every need, and that means we can enjoy long-distance, high pace rides with no limits. The Caledonia is engineered for performance and speed, but that's not to say it's not comfortable, too. Cervelo engineered the handling based on days where we are pushing triple-digits, which are also the days where we hit cobbles and junky pavement, and perhaps a singletrack connector, too. Cervelo increased the rear center, lowered the bottom bracket, and increased the trail, making for fast handling that's still superbly stable. Lower modulus carbon is placed in key areas to mitigate the brittleness of hi-mod fiber. And, we have the option to fit a 34-millimeter tire in, or a 31-millimeter if we want to stick on some fenders as well. Internal cable routing ensures aerodynamics take a front-row seat, and that's with or without a peloton to break the wind for us.