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45NRTH Baklava Winter Cycling Balaclava Black/Black, S/M
Retail Price: $50.00
Our Price: $35.00
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We protect our skin from the harshest of conditions with the technical wind-blocking 45NRTH Baklava Winter Cycling Balaclava. Featuring a merino wool-blend base fabric and flat-lock stitching, combined with a long neck-drape and wind-resistant nose/face coverage, we can ride throughout the winter...
45NRTH Greazy Cycling Cap
Retail Price: $35.00
Our Price: $24.50
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Gain eye and ear coverage with a double-layer merino wool blend. Flat-lock stitching makes for a comfortable fit under the helmet, and the flexible brim does not crease when crumpled into a pocket for storage.
Assos Assosoires Spring Fall Neck Foil
Price: $30.00
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An indispensable accessory. Few solutions are as universally applicable to cool-weather cyclings common problems as a well-made neck gaiter.
Assos Assosoires Ultraz Winter Face Mask blackSeries, I
Price: $95.00
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Since staying warm is impossible without staying dry, we made the main section a two layer, twinDeck construction that traps warmth on the inside and pulls moisture to the outside. The panel spanning chin,throat, and sternum is further reinforced against the cold with Winter Foam Light, a...
Assos Winter Cap
Price: $55.00
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The ASSOS Winter Cap protects our heads from the bitter cold as we ride through the winter. Its double-knit layers of insulation trap heat to keep our forehead and ears extra warm and is extremely breathable to ensure we don't overheat when things warm up.
Assos Winter EVO Face Mask
Price: $90.00
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There's no such thing as too much protection against cutting wind and icy temps, which is why we've got the Assos Winter Evo Face Mask on hand whenever winter shows its frigid face. The burly OSMOS Heavy insulation keeps us warm as the mercury drops, and the SPHERE 2L membrane does a great job of...
Assos Winter Neck Warmer
Price: $50.00
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The ASSOS Winter Neck Warmer is the perfect accompaniment to high-intensity winter rides and snow-covered cyclocross races. With a single-layer of heavyweight Circlular Seamless fabric, this neck warmer traps warm air against our neck and face to keep us warm while wicking away moisture to keep...
Castelli 3 Stagioni Neck Warmer Red, One Size
Retail Price: $24.99
Our Price: $18.74
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This lightweight head thingy is the perfect weight to keep the chill out on those early fall rides or to provide a little added protection from the sun's rays. Lightweight polyester for maximum moisture managementSeamless continuous tube constructionSublimated graphic3-season weightProtects from...
Castelli Bandito Cap
Retail Price: $44.99
Our Price: $31.49
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A thoroughly modern take on a traditional-looking piece. We use a merino wool layer over a polyester jersey liner the wool provides insulation and pulls the moisture away from the skin. The forehead and earflap are double layered for warmth, while the cap is thin enough to comfortably fit under...
Castelli Como Neck Warmer Paradise Mint, One Size
Retail Price: $24.99
Our Price: $17.49
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Tubular neck warmer for cool to cold conditions.
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