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BlackStrap Daily Tube
Retail Price: $19.95
Our Price: $15.96
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All of BlackStrap's face masks are pretty versatile, but none more so than the Daily Tube. We wear it skiing in winter, hiking in summer, and climbing basically anytime it's sunny. We appreciate its sun protection, odor control, and quick-drying comfort.
Buff CoolNet UV+ Buff - Kids' Wild Multi, One Size
Retail Price: $21.95
Our Price: $15.36
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Our little shredders can tear up singletrack all day, completely ignoring the sweltering heat, so we make sure they don't head out without the CoolNet UV+ Buff to protect them from harmful rays and overheating. The performance material keeps our groms cool and refreshed while grinding up...
Buff CoolNet UV+ Insect Shield Buff
Retail Price: $29.95
Our Price: $22.46
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The CoolNet UV+ Buff has the same multifunctionality as their other headwear but with a boost of UPF 50 sun protection that blocks harmful sun rays. Additionally, this defensive Buff is treated with an odorless insect repellent effective against mosquitoes, ticks, and other airborne pests so we...
Buff CoolNet UV+ Print Buff Ground Multi, One Size
Retail Price: $23.95
Our Price: $16.76
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For protection from the sun on cloudless summer days, we bring the CoolNet UV+ Print Buff to keep our sensitive skin covered around the face and neck. The stretchy fabric employs UPF protection to reduce harmful exposure above the treeline on a midday hike, and packs into a pocket as we cool off...
Buff CoolNet UV+ Solid Buff Pool, One Size
Retail Price: $23.95
Our Price: $17.96
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In summer's heat, whether we're tearing up trail or paddling down river, we have the CoolNet UV+ Solid Buff around our neck, wrist, or head. Wherever it lies, Buff's new innovative fabric keeps us cool, so we can give the thick heat the middle finger and stay out longer doing what we love.
Giordana PolyPro Knitted Neck Gaiter
Price: $34.95
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The Giordana PolyPro Knitted Neck Gaiter is a staple in our cold-weather riding kit. Constructed out of a polypropylene knit to speed up moisture evaporation, this neck gaiter keeps us warm by insulating the major arteries of the neck, thereby allowing our body to circulate warmer blood...