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45NRTH Gravdal Studded Wire Bead Gravel Clincher Tire
Retail Price: $95.00
Our Price: $71.25
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Versatile and confidence inspiring, the Gravdal securely navigates through harsh winter conditions with carbide studs for added traction in icy conditions.
45NRTH Xerxes Studded Wire Bead Clincher Tire
Retail Price: $85.00
Our Price: $63.75
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Commuting to work or school on black ice just got faster and easier with the Xerxes. 140 studs provide unrivaled control on those morning rides where ice patches threaten your commute. When a layer of snow conceals black ice, the ultra-narrow profile easily slices through the fluff and gets...
Continental Gator Hardshell Tire Fold Hardshell DuraSkin, 700c x 32mm
Retail Price: $77.95
Our Price: $58.01
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Whether you're riding through rubble-littered roads on the way to work or rolling over spiny goat heads on your daily training ride, the Continental Gator Hardshell Tire delivers extra reinforcement from pesky flats and tire blowouts. Hardshell protection wraps the tire with three layers of 60...
Continental Gatorskin Clincher Tire 700c x 28mm Folding Black, Duraskin
Retail Price: $67.95
Our Price: $42.48
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If we're logging big miles year-round, the Continental Gatorskin Tires might be our newest must-have gear. They're similar to the GP4000-4 season tires, but a little heavier and slower, as they are geared more toward urban commuting than fast road racing or training. The Gatorskins feature two...
Continental Gatorskin Wire Bead Tire
Price: $62.95
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We don't want to doubt anything when we're staring down cobblestones and potholes, so it's a good thing the Gatorskin Wire Bead Tire was constructed by Continental with PolyX Breaker and DuraSkin puncture protection. This tire is designed to be extremely resistant to punctures without sacrificing...
Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Clincher Tire Black-Duraskin, 700c x 28mm
Retail Price: $82.95
Our Price: $63.82
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We run the Grand Prix 4 Season Clincher Tire for unpredictable racing and training conditions when we need a little extra flat protection. The secret to this tire's puncture resistance is the Vectran belt which lies under the tread, a liquid-crystalline polymer that is extremely tear-resistant...
Continental Grand Prix 5000 650 Clincher Tire
Retail Price: $87.95
Our Price: $49.48
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Continental realizes there are plenty of smaller stature riders and triathletes rolling on 650b wheels, so it offers its all-new Grand Prix 5000 Tire in the smaller diameter, giving all riders the benefits of its top-tier clincher. The GP5000 is the worthy successor to the GP4000, a tire so...
Continental Grand Prix 5000 Clincher Tire
Retail Price: $87.95
Our Price: $52.10
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The all-new Grand Prix 5000 Tire from Continental is a worthy successor to its Grand Prix 4000 S II, standing at the top of the Continental road clincher range. The Black Chili compound uses the latest polymers and synthetic rubbers along with a proven natural rubber for a high-performance blend...
Goodyear Eagle Sport Clincher Tire
Price: $30.00
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From canyon descents to hill sprints, Goodyear's Eagle Sport Clincher is ready to get the job done. It's a classic clincher with reliable grip, thanks to its Dynamic:Pace compound that reduces rolling resistance with silica, and reduces flats with strengthening additives.
Maxxis High Road SL Tire - Clincher
Retail Price: $90.00
Our Price: $67.50
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The Maxxis High Road SL is our lightest and fastest road racing tire, ever. Our HYPR-S compound decreases rolling resistance by 12% compared to the standard High Road.
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