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OneUp Components V1 Dropper Lever Clamp
Retail Price: $27.00
Our Price: $21.60
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If your original breaks or gets lost, grab the OneUp Components Dropper Lever Clamp for a quick and easy replacement. This can also be used to convert the existing clamp that comes standard on the OneUp Dropper Remote.
OneUp Components V2 Dropper Post Black, 34.9/120mm Travel
Retail Price: $159.99
Our Price: $159.60
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When we were a kid, we thought being called "short stack" was an insult to our not-so-lofty stature. It turns out, our heads just weren't in the right game. OneUp Components takes short stack to the max with its Dropper Post - V2, measuring in with the shortest stack height available, and...
OneUp Components V3 Dropper Lever
Retail Price: $44.99
Our Price: $35.99
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The OneUp V3 Dropper Lever is the ultimate upgrade for our bike's dropper system thanks to its lightweight action design and efficient performance. The grippy rubber pad improves feel and comfort to help with quick adjustments and ensures a secure grip, no matter how rough the terrain, and is...
OneUp Components V3 Dropper Lever Cushion Red, One Size
Retail Price: $5.99
Our Price: $4.79
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The V3 Dropper Lever Cushion is perfect for kitting out our new bike with matching colors. This rubber pad is compatible with OneUp's V3 Remote (sold separately) and provides excellent grip for dropping and raising our saddles in conditions ranging from soaking wet to bone dry.
OneUp Components V3 Dropper Post Black, 34.9x120mm Travel
Price: $269.99
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The best just got better with the OneUp V3 Dropper Post. Improving upon their award-winning V2 dropper post, OneUp made the V3 lighter by 60 grams, available in more sizes so long-legged riders have a suitable option, and a smoother operation by adding improved seals, bushings, and a new...
OneUp Components Version 2 Dropper Post Cartridge Kit Black, 120mm
Retail Price: $73.99
Our Price: $59.19
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The OneUp Cartridge is user replaceable and fully sealed.
PNW Components Cascade Dropper Seatpost
Price: $179.00
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The PNW Components Cascade Dropper Seatpost pays homage to the Cascade mountain range, home to some of the best riding in the Pacific Northwest. Featuring reliable coil sprung internals, tidy external cable routing, and multiple travel options, this post is an absolute workhorse that provides...
PNW Components Coast Suspension Dropper IR Seatpost
Price: $189.00
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Over the years we've seen suspension introduced into just about any component you can reasonably imagine, so at first when we heard the engineers at PNW Components announce a suspension seatpost, we weren't floored -- that is, until we dug just a touch further, and found that the innovative brand...
PNW Components Coast Suspension Dropper Seatpost
Price: $189.00
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PNW brings us a dropper post fit for any bike with the Coast Suspension Dropper. It is the perfect match for your gravel bike, touring rig, or even commuter with 100 or 120mm of travel and 40mm of suspension. The suspension absorbs the small bumps we encounter on both gravel roads and pavement,...
PNW Components Loam Dropper Seatpost
Price: $199.00
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Replacing the PNW Bachelor Dropper Post, the Loam Dropper brings many of the same features we loved on the Bachelor with great frame compatibility and a lighter weight. A redesigned stanchion allows less of the post to be inserted in the frame, so more frames can accommodate the dropper post and...
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