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Chromag NQR Seatpost Clamp Black, 36.5mm
Price: $27.00
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The lightweight Chromag NQR Seatpost Clamp carries more than just us on our big rides no matter what bike, it also carries style. This fancy little seatpost clamp replaces our drab original with a solid alloy piece that's been colored to match.
Chromag QR Seatpost Clamp
Price: $48.00
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Whether we're outfitting a demo fleet or are just tired of getting the allen key out to adjust our seatpost, the Chromag QR Seatpost Clamp does the job. This QR clamp replaces the stock clamp and makes it easy to adjust our saddle height on the fly. We don't need to bring our allen keys with us...
Deity Components Circuit Seatpost Clamp Red, 34.9MM
Price: $16.99
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Just because you want to keep your ride clean and simple doesn't mean you can't colormatch your components from hub to hub, and Deity takes this job seriously, with anodized aluminum that boosts your stealth or loud style with subtle details like the Circuit Seatpost Clamp. This small clamp...
Problem Solvers Seatpost Shim
Price: $9.99
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Switching frames doesn't mean you have to switch posts! Use your old posts without worry with the Problem Solvers Seatpost Shims.
Ritchey WCS One-Bolt Carbon Clamp Kit
Price: $18.95
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Ritchey makes some of the sweetest components on the market. And their WCS series is no stranger to a clean finish line, as evidenced by Cadel Evans standing atop the podium at the 2009 World's road race after riding his Ritchey equipped Canyon to a convincing win. One issue we've had with...
Thomson Seatpost Collar
Price: $31.95
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Most riders don't consider their seatpost collar on day-to-day rides--until their seatpost starts to creep down halfway through some epic ride due to a poorly constructed collar. The Thomson Seatpost Collar not only alleviates your underperforming seatpost collar woes with its powerful clamping...
Wolf Tooth Components Quick Release Seatpost Clamp Gold, 29.8mm
Price: $36.95
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Whether you run a dropper post or not, it's still nice to be able to adjust your seatpost on-the-fly--without having to dig through your pack for a multi-tool. That's why we love this Wolf Tooth Quick-Release Clamp. It's also durable, comes in a plethora of diameters, and you can pick from...
Wolf Tooth Components Seatpost Clamp
Price: $24.95
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Wolf Tooth Components' Seatpost Clamp leaves our seatpost secure and stylish with a self-aligning bolt and anchor and an anodized finish. Threads will always be perfectly aligned, and a 6061 aluminum construction is as durable as we need it to be.