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Cervelo P-Series Road Frameset Deep Blue Sunset, 58cm
Price: $2,700.00
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Built for pure speed the Cervelo P-Series Road Frameset is the base we chose to get us to finish line faster than anyone else. When the best in the world do it, we do it too and the aero shape with added stiffness of the P-series frame get it done. Cervelo redesigned the P-series and features a...
Cervelo P5 Road Frameset Twilight, 51cm
Price: $6,000.00
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When it comes to time trialing, every tenth of a second counts, which is why we like the idea of building our dream setup starting with the Cervelo P5 Road Frameset. The Cervelo all-carbon frame and tapered P5 carbon fork perfectly balance weight and stiffness, while the unique shape reduces drag...