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Cane Creek Helm Decal Kit Green Metallic, Helm Complete Kit
Retail Price: $30.00
Our Price: $17.10
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You've got your Cane Creek Helm suspension fork. You love the stiff chassis and the buttery-smooth damping. Something is missing though--color matching decals. Customize the color of your Helm decals to match your bike, because matching colors only make you faster. Each kit comes with three...
FOX Racing Shox 32 TC Air Shaft 40mm, 2021+
Price: $70.00
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Upgrade your ride with FOX Racing Shox's 32 TC Air Shaft, designed to enhance your outdoor cycling experience. This premium bike component offers unparalleled responsiveness and smoothness, ensuring a comfortable journey on any terrain. The lightweight construction reduces your bike's overall...
FOX Racing Shox 34 Rhythm Air Shaft FLOAT, 34 29 130mm, 2021+
Price: $60.00
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Whether we are servicing our fork or grabbing the part for our local bike shop to service, the Fox Racing Shox Air Shaft Assembly is what we need to change the travel in our 2021+ Fox 34 Rhythm forks. This air shaft assembly is available for all Fox Racing Shox Float 34 Rhythm forks variations....
FOX Racing Shox 36 Air Shaft One Color., 140mm (2018-2020)
Price: $42.50
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We're saving money by replacing blown air shafts instead of the entire fork with the Fox 36 Air Shaft. This air shaft performs the same as the original but feels like a breath of fresh air in our old but new suspension.
FOX Racing Shox 38 Air Shaft One Color, 180mm (2021+)
Price: $80.00
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When an air shaft cracks it means we can't use the fork anymore, luckily Fox Racing has an easy Fox 38 Air Shaft replacement. This air shaft fits right where the old one used to be and it's manufactured to original OEM specs to work just like the old one did.
FOX Racing Shox 40 Air Shaft 203mm, 2021+
Price: $80.00
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40 Air Shaft
FOX Racing Shox Air Spring Volume Tuning Kit
Price: $20.00
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Air Spring Volume Tuning Kit
FOX Racing Shox Disc Brake Hose Guide Black, 2018+
Price: $15.00
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Disc Brake Hose Guide
FOX Racing Shox Dust Wiper Kit Flangeless, 36mm
Price: $30.00
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The Fox Dust Wiper Kit works with Fox's ultra-smooth Kashima coating to make Fox forks some of the smoothest-functioning in the industry. Unfortunately, dirt can eventually cause the seals to leak and will need to be replaced when the fork is overhauled. Fox partnered with legendary seal...
FOX Racing Shox Float Volume Spacer
Price: $10.00
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Before you pack up the car and head to Moab, firm up your ride in anticipation of the big hits and steep drops you're about to rally all over with the FOX Racing Shox Float Volume Spacer. This innocuous plastic bit proves that good things come in small packages. By taking up space in your fork, a...
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