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Shimano SPD-SL Long Cleat Bolts One Color, One Size
Price: $9.00
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Some shoes have especially deep wells in the soles for housing the threads into which you screw your pedal cleat bolts. Shimano is aware of this, which is why they supply the world with long bolts for use in this case on the cleats for their Dura Ace PD-7810 and Ultegra SL PD-6620 pedals. Please...
Wahoo Fitness Speedplay Easy Tension Cleat Grey, One Size
Retail Price: $54.99
Our Price: $47.84
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The Speedplay Easy Tension Cleat is an easy-to-use cleat platform for everyday trainers. New to this design, the cleat provides ease of access to adjusting the amount of float on the pedal. Unlike past Speedplay pedals, there's no need to lubricate these and the redesign improves on already...
Wahoo Fitness Speedplay Standard Tension Cleat Black, One Size
Price: $54.99
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The Speedplay Standard Tension Cleat by Wahoo is the newest iteration of a classic design. They are completely redesigned for user-friendly function, including better aerodynamics removing the need to lubricate the cleat.