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Crank Brothers Bike Shoe Shields
Retail Price: $9.99
Our Price: $7.99
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Crankbrother's pedal and cleat interfaces are among our favorites across the industry, so we use the Bike Shoe Shields to protect our carbon-soled shoes from the pedal's retention bars. Those retention bars are the very thing that provides the ease of clipping in and out that Crankbrothers pedals...
HT Components X1 Cleats
Price: $18.00
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After a lot of miles ridden and a few too many offthe bike rock scrambles, it's time to trade out your HT Components X1 Cleatsfor a fresh new set. Available in two float options to best meet your ride,these cleats give you that crisp new click when you clip in to confidently hitthe trail.
Silca Titanium Cage Screws
Price: $30.00
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Drop weight and elevate the aesthetic with these beautiful titanium cage bolts. Pack includes 4 bolts