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microSHIFT Acolyte 8-Speed Rear Derailleur
Price: $29.99
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Not everyone needs the added chain retention provided by our innovative SpringLock system. For those riders, we offer a non-clutch version of our Acolyte derailleur. While still capable of handling a 12-46T cassette, the rear derailleur is the perfect choice for commuter or touring bikes that can...
microSHIFT Acolyte 8-Speed Rear Derailleur + SpringLock Clutch
Price: $36.99
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The heart of the Acolyte derailleur is our innovative SpringLock system. By pairing a customized linear rate high tension spring and a dual stage activation mechanism, weve developed a system that can provide substantial chain security when you need it and can be turned off when you dont. To...
microSHIFT Acolyte Cassette - 8-Speed
Price: $29.99
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We spec the Acolyte Cassette on budget builds or our little shredder's first mountain bike because it keeps things simple with 8 gears and an excellent gear range. Available in 12 - 42t and 12 - 46t options, there's plenty of range for easing into cross country rides or cranking into the pump track.
microSHIFT Acolyte Right Shifter - 8-Speed
Retail Price: $16.99
Our Price: $13.59
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Introducing the microSHIFT Acolyte Right Shifter, an 8-Speed game-changer for your biking adventures! This top-notch component boasts precise gear shifting and smooth operation, ensuring optimal performance on any terrain. The ergonomic design and lightweight construction enhance your comfort and...
Shimano XT CS-M8000 Cassette
Retail Price: $104.99
Our Price: $94.64
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We shift smoothly across everything from steep, rock-strewn trails to smooth-buffed XC loops with the Shimano XT CS-M8000 Cassette. Whether we're overhauling our trail bike's chewed-up cassette or converting to a 1x11 drivetrain, this 11-speed cassette shaves precious grams while standing up to...
Shimano XT Dyna-Sys CS-M771 Cassette
Retail Price: $75.99
Our Price: $68.49
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The XT 10-Speed Cassette uses plated steel cogs for superior durability, but that doesn't mean that it weighs a ton. The largest six cogs are minimal in design and are pinned to two lightweight alloy spiders -- three cogs for each spider. The four smallest cogs go on separately, and the whole...
SRAM GX XG-1150 11-Speed Cassette
Retail Price: $154.00
Our Price: $123.20
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SRAM constructed its GX XG-1150 11-speed Cassette with the wide, 10-42t gear range, which is one of the widest out of any of its competitors -- ensuring you can pedal up, and down, just about anything. In fact, the XG-1150 uses the same gear range as SRAM's higher-end offerings and uses a similar...
SRAM PG-1030 Cassette
Price: $63.00
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Get off-road with SRAM's innovative approach to their 10-speed cassette, the PG-1030, which features PowerGlide II technology for butter-smooth shifting between gears. The PG-1030 is a dependable and enduring cassette that is a great value for such an innovative composition. It was designed with...
SRAM PG-1230 NX Eagle 12-Speed Cassette
Retail Price: $108.00
Our Price: $86.40
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The PG-1230 NX Eagle 12-Speed Cassette gives you nearly the same range as SRAM's other Eagle cassettes, but it works with normal splined freehub bodies, so there's no need for an XD driver. In order to accommodate this compatibility, there's one less tooth on the smallest cog, which is almost...
SRAM PG-720 7-Speed Cassette Silver, 11-25t
Price: $34.00
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The SRAM PG-720 7-Speed Cassette features a compact design for ripping blistering downhill laps, but without the sticker shock you're accustomed to. As the most affordable 1x downhill cassette on the market, this 11-25 tooth cassette emphasizes robust strength and smooth-shifting over the...
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