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Silca T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque Kit One Color, One Size
Price: $125.00
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By now, most of us either have a torque wrench handy in the garage or just take our bike to our favorite mechanic to avoid the expensive fallout of over-clamping on carbon and titanium bits. All that careful attention can be undone in an instant though with an unfortunately timed pothole that...
Syncros Composite 14 Multi Tool Black, One Size
Retail Price: $24.99
Our Price: $18.74
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The Composite 14CT provides you with fourteen trailside essentials plus a forged chain tool to get you out of most any mechanical mess all in a lightweight package of only 152 grams.
Topeak Alien II Multi Tool One Color, One Size
Price: $57.95
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The Topeak Alien II multi-tool is pretty incredible. It's an entire tool box that fits comfortably into your hydration pack or jersey pocket. There are 26 tools in all, and short of a cracked frame or complete fork overhaul, you should be able to fix just about anything with the Alien II. The...
Topeak Mini 9 Multi-Tool One Color, One Size
Price: $21.95
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Be prepared out on the road with the Topeak Mini 9 Multi-Tool tucked stealthily in your saddle bag or jersey pocket. This one-piece mini tool features the essentials needed to make quick adjustments and comes with its own little neoprene case.
Wolf Tooth Components Pack Pliers - Master Link Combo Pliers Black, One Size
Price: $32.95
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Broken chains on rowdy rides are sometimes inevitable, but being stranded in the event of a chain issue isn't with the Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers. This handy set of pliers doubles as a tire lever for flats, a valve core remover when we need to toss in some extra sealant, or a valve stem lock nut...
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