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Knog PWR Bank Battery
Retail Price: $64.95
Our Price: $48.71
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When you're heading out for an adventure with a Knog PWR bike light, no matter how big or small, snag the Knog PWR Bank Battery for a sure-fire backup to give you the support you need. This handy battery pack acts as a backup to your light, but can also charge other devices through its USB cord...
Knog PWR Bar-to-Frame Extension Black, One Size
Retail Price: $44.95
Our Price: $33.71
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Use the PWR Bar-To-Frame Mount to hitch a lighthead to your handlebar with the Tri-prong Side Mount (GoPro compatible) or use the PWR Brakeboss extension mount to attach your lighthead to the front of your bike. Then attach the PWR Bank to your frame with the Frame Mount. Recommended for saving...
Knog PWR Frame Mount
Retail Price: $16.95
Our Price: $12.71
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Use the PWR Frame Mount to secure your PWR Bank and PWR Sound to the frame on your bike. Attach using velcro straps for multi size tubes, and easily cut off Velcro ends for the perfect length.
Knog PWR Side Mount Black, One Size
Retail Price: $19.95
Our Price: $14.96
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Mount your PWR Road and Trail Lights in a non-obtrusive fashion with the Knog PWR Side Mount. This elegant mounting solution carries your PWR Light either above or below the headstem and out to the side, so it won't compromise your ability to illuminate the path ahead or read your head unit...
KOM Cycling Saddle Bag + Garmin Varia Mount
Price: $39.99
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Whether you are out for a weekend century or a short cruise, the KOM Saddle Bag featuring the ATOP Dial system and Varia radar mount allows you to ride with confidence knowing that all your essential cycling tools are securely stored under your bicycle saddle. Our Saddle Cycling Bag features a...
Lezyne D-Shape Seatpost Adapter Black, One Size
Price: $2.59
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D-shape seatpost adapter for KTV and Strip Drive Rear lights.
Lezyne Direct X-Lock System
Retail Price: $41.99
Our Price: $33.59
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Tackling the challenge of finding room for all your modern handlebar accessories, Lezyne came up with the Direct X-Lock System to act as an out-front mounting system for your Lezyne GPS, lights, or GoPro camera. A composite matrix construction with aluminum arms provides strength at a low weight,...
Lezyne Handle Bar Mount Black, 31.88 MM
Retail Price: $15.99
Our Price: $11.99
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The Aluminum Bar Mount is a CNC-machined aluminum hard mount with a reinforced Composite Matrix cradle that securely holds the Mega Drive, Deca Drive, and XL LED lights. It is designed for 25. 4 mm or 31. 8 mm bars, with the cradle designed to pivot 15 degrees of lateral adjustment to direct...
Light & Motion 11.1v 2.6Ahr 3-cell Li-ion Battery One Color, One Size
Retail Price: $129.99
Our Price: $97.49
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Your buddy calls and says he wants to head out for a night ride. Of course you're into it. Then you realize that your battery is still in your pack from last night, spent. Your buddy isn't going to wait five or six hours while you charge up-you just missed the ride. Don't let this happen to you....
Light & Motion Adventure Head Strap One Color, One Size
Retail Price: $39.99
Our Price: $29.99
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When you're decked out with amazing bike lights, swapping to a cheap headlamp for an evening jaunt, or fumbling around a campsite isn't totally appealing. Instead of resorting to a low-lumen head lamp, snag the Light and Motion Adventure Head Strap and adapt your beefy bike headlight to the...
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