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Crank Brothers Klic Hand Pump + Gauge & CO2 Silver, HV
Retail Price: $59.99
Our Price: $47.99
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Gone are the days of angrily fidgeting with hand pumps on the side of the trail or busy sidewalk, with Crank Brothers' Klic Hand Pump with Gauge & CO2 things get speedy, easy, and efficient. This handy hand-pump packs in tons of tech for both mountain bikers and roadies alike, with a hidden hose...
Crank Brothers Klic Hand Pump + Gauge Midnight Black, HV
Price: $49.99
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You'd rather not walk home, especially when you're deep in the backcountry or ten miles from the nearest outpost on some desolate country road. That's where the Crank Brothers Klic Hand Pump with Gauge comes into play, providing an essential lifeline of tube and tire inflation, should you run...
Crank Brothers Sapphire Floor Pump Midnight Black, One Size
Price: $59.99
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Pumping up your tires with a portable hand pump is tedious work that should really only be done in a trail or roadside emergency. A proper floor pump, on the other hand, delivers large blasts of air efficiently while remaining comfortable for the user. If you're in the market for a new pump that...
Crank Brothers Sterling Hand Pump
Retail Price: $36.99
Our Price: $29.59
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Premium alloy hand pump featuring our patented high-pressure/high-volume switch and a presta/schrader compatible smart head.
Crank Brothers Sterling SG Hand Pump + Gauge
Price: $46.99
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Instead of messing with flimsy hand pumps with inaccurate gauges, pick up the Crank Brothers Sterling SG Hand Pump with Gauge for its premium machined aluminum body, easy-reading gauge, and ability to switch between high-pressure and high-volume airflow. Part of Crank Bro's Sterling series of...
FOX Racing Shox Digital HP Shock Pump
Price: $80.00
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A well-dialed suspension system is key to happy trails. Too soft, and the bike will be a sloppy, floppy mess; too firm, and it'll bounce you up and down like your childhood pogo stick. FOX Racing Shox's Digital HP Shock Pump brings the power of science to your steed, letting you fine-tune your...
FOX Racing Shox Suspension Pump
Price: $35.00
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Fox Racing Shox, the market leader in shocks, offers a reliable shock pump with a 300psi gauge that has the requisite rotating hose and screw-on Schrader valve in their Suspension Pump. The plunger-style pump handle fits nicely in the palm of your hand, and it features the great Fox logo to show...
Innovations Air Chuck Elite Inflator
Price: $33.39
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When your pockets are full and you don't want anything extra strapped to your bike, the Genuine Innovations Air Chuck Elite should be in your saddlebag. This CO2 inflator is compact and uses only one hand to push the inflator. The amount of air is easily controlled to avoid over-inflation. Unlike...
Innovations CO2 Refill - 6-Pack
Price: $26.19
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Innovations' CO2 Refill - 6-Pack is your ultimate bike accessory for hassle-free rides. These compact, lightweight refills are easy to carry, ensuring your tires stay fully inflated, no matter the distance. With the rapid inflation feature, you'll be back on your bike in seconds, making your...
Innovations CO2 Refill Single, 16G
Price: $4.99
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Blowing out your elbow trying to pump up a flat is super fun and all, but when we'd rather save our joints, bones, ligaments, and precious time, we go with an inflator hooked up with an Innovations CO2 Refill. It'll fill up a 700cc road tire to 100psi or a 26in MTB tire to 40psi in seconds, and...
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