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Prestacycle Prestaflator Pro Digital
Price: $69.00
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Inflate tires accurately in seconds!The new Prestaflator Digital is made possible by our new Rapid Response Digital Gauge. During inflation, the gauge is capable of showing immediate changes in pressure, enabling fast inflation now with supreme accuracy. The gauge uses highly accurate,...
PRO Team HP Floor Pump Black, One Size
Retail Price: $114.99
Our Price: $80.49
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Pumping up our tires before our ride shouldn't be a chore, so we like to use the PRO Team HP Floor Pump to ensure our wheels are ready to go. This precision floorpump features a two-way pressure gauge to provide accurate detail at any pressure and is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves.
PRO Team Tubeless Floor Pump
Retail Price: $134.99
Our Price: $107.99
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Tubeless tires make quick work of goat heads and thorns on the trail, and reduce the number of flats we see annually by a long shot, but they do come with one hassle -- installation. Most of us don't just have an air compressor laying around in the garage, and quickly inflating a lofty tubeless...
Silca Eolo IV - C02 Regulator
Price: $26.00
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The simple solution to roadside inflation. Thread the cartridge on, press it onto the valve, and air is in your tire. No-nonsense approach that you can count on to get you home in a pinch.
Silca Gravelero Pump
Price: $75.00
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We love Silca's Tattico pump, but sometimes we just need more air volume to get gravel tires pumped back up after a flat. That's where the Silca Gravelero Pump comes in! With 35% more air capacity than the Tattico, and the same amazing chuck, hose, and plunger design, we're able to get back on...
Silca Impero Ultimate II Frame Pump
Price: $100.00
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The SILCA Impero Ultimate II Frame Pump is an ergonomic improvement upon the original and is designed with various features that made us get one of these pumps for our bikes. An almost completely aluminum construction ensures this pump is durable, lightweight, and reliable. Convenient silicone...
Silca NFS Leather Gasket Conditioner One Color, 1oz
Price: $7.50
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The factory leather conditioner we use to keep leather gaskets running for years. Every couple of years you need to apply conditioner to your leather gasket.
Silca Pista Floor Pump Red, One Size
Price: $149.00
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The iconic Silca Pista floor pump has been a staple of the serious cyclist since its introduction in the 1920's. The classic aesthetics and its ability to be easily rebuilt has allowed many cyclists to keep the Pistas in their arsenal for many decades. The modern Pista preserves the best...
Silca Pista Plus Floor Pump Grey, One Size
Price: $199.00
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The Silca Pista pump has been a favorite among cyclist since its launch way back in 1962. Cycling has changed a lot since then but thanks to some forward thinking on Silca's behalf and a readily assessable supply of replacement parts, many of those pumps are still in use. While the original Pista...
Silca Pocket Impero II Black, 20cm
Price: $99.00
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The mini-pump to put all others to shame. The leather gasket and metal construction make this the most efficient mini-pump on the market. Save time and frustration with the Pocket Impero. If your pump falls between two pump sizes, we recommend going a size down. Heat is the enemy of mini-pumps....
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