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Kuat Trio Fork Adapter
Price: $19.00
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While we truly love the extra stiffness allotted by the stretching hub standards, its certainly made some things tricky, like cross-compatibility from older components, or just loading our steeds up on-top of our bike racks. Fortunately Kuat has us covered with the Trio Fork Adapter, so we can...
Rhino-Rack Cap Topper Track Mount Package + Aero Load Bars Black, 59in
Price: $517.00
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Whether you're go-to trip mobile is a trusty pickup with a topper or converted van with a hard resin roof, top it off with this Rhino Rack Cap Topper Track Mount Package, which comes with Aero Load Bars that can be adjusted to fit your gear-toting needs.
Rhino-Rack Sunseeker Dome 1300 One Color, One Size
Retail Price: $333.00
Our Price: $183.15
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If you've been wishing for an awning and lamenting that your car is just too short to offer comfortable clearance in the shade, the Rhino-Rack Sunseeker Dome 1300 may be just what you're looking for. Designed with a domed roof, this awning mounts directly to your roof rack on either the side or...
Thule 60in Top Tracks - 1 Pair One Color, One Size
Price: $199.95
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The Thule Top Tracks mount permanently to a van, RV, or SUV. Combined with Tracker Feet and Tracker kit TK1, they create a complete multisport rack system that allows an infinite number of foot positions for maximum versatility. The Top Tracks are also compatible with Yakima Control Towers....
Thule Accessory Strap Kit - 4-Pack One Color, One Size
Price: $29.95
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Avoid those nasty surprises when you look in the rear view mirror and secure your bike with the Thule Accessory Strap Kit. This set of four straps replaces any lost or broken rubber stretchable straps on Thule or other brand rack cradles (the kind with protruding attachment knobs on the sides).
Thule AeroBlade Edge Flush Mount Load Bar - 1 Bar Silver, XL
Retail Price: $319.95
Our Price: $175.97
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For the past few years, roof rack manufacturers have been developing bars that cut drag and wind noise, and we don't think anyone's doing it better than Thule. The Aeroblade Edge Flush Mount load bar takes the wing shape to the next level with WindDiffuser textured surface technology, which...
Thule AeroBlade Edge Raised Rail Load Bar - 1 Bar Black, XL
Retail Price: $319.95
Our Price: $191.97
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In the design of the AeroBlade Edge Raised Rail Load Bar, it's clear that Thule isn't playing around with the security of roof rack cargo systems. The aluminum Box Beam Load Structure makes the AeroBlade one of the strongest aftermarket bars in the industry, and we're plenty enthusiastic about...
Thule Artificial Rain Gutter - 4-pack One Color, One Size
Price: $94.95
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The Artificial Rain Gutter is a permanently installed mounting point for our camper shells or truck caps installed with the Thule Rain Gutter Feet. Note: it requires drilling.
Thule Edge Clamp
Price: $349.95
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The Thule Edge Clamp lets us install Thule Edge roof racks to vehicles that don't have pre-existing roof rack attachment points or factory-installed racks. This four-pack of feet is easy to install to mount the Thule Edge rack system securely to our vehicle.
Thule Edge FixPoint
Price: $349.95
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We've got the powerful SUV, the Thule WingBar Edge bars, and the cabin by the resort rented for the weekend. All we need now to get our gear out the door is the Edge FixPoint feet to securely mount the bars and get to our destination.
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