Ridley Unveils Dean Fast Time Trial Bike

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08/8/2023| 0 comments
by Roadcycling.com
2024 Ridley Dean Fast time trial bike
Ridley Dean Fast time trial bike Ridley

Ridley Unveils Dean Fast Time Trial Bike

Groundbreaking Ridley Dean Fast time trial bike pushes standards for speed and efficiency

Ridley today revealed its newest member of its bike family – the Ridley Dean Fast time trial bike. The bike has been developed using a bottom-up design and engineering strategy specifically developed to generate actual improvements and real results for the cyclists riding the bikes.

The Dean Fast was developed using Ridley’s remarkable attention to detail. According to Ridley, even the tiniest elements of the bike frame and its geometry have been analyzed and optimized to gain the best advantage possible.

While paying attention to current UCI regulations and limitations, the engineers at Ridley set out to further reduce drag and increase speed of their newest aero time trial bike by deploying computational fluid dynamics in the development process. The engineers spent numerous hours to carefully identify design changes that minimized drag at an average speed of 55 km/h. Multiple specific design candidates were identified and further developed for careful analysis and testing in the Bike Valley wind tunnel in Belgium.

Following the test phase, the design of the new Ridley Dean time trial bike was finalized with the utmost aerodynamic capabilities in mind while also optimizing frame stiffness to allow for optimal energy transfer. The Ridley Dean time trial bike optimizes the merger between rider and bike and responds effectively to every watt its rider transfers to the pedals. 

In addition to its innovative aerodynamics, the Ridley Dean bike offers a stable ride feel, optimal cornering abilities, efficient acceleration, and an overall exhilarating experience that makes cyclists want to get back on their bikes shortly after completing each ride.

To obtain even better aerodynamics, the Ridley Dean TT bike has a reduced frontal surface area. The stem is incorporated in line with the top tube and the head tube is smaller with an hourglass figure. UCI-approved compensation triangles have been applied to allow for extension of the head tube, which in turn further eliminates drag-generating turbulence behind the head tube.

A size medium Ridley Dean Fast bike frame weighs 1250 grams, while the fork weighs 460 grams. Its base bar weight is 341 grams. The bike comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The bike is also offered as a frame-fork set, thereby allowing time trialists and triathletes to customize the rest of their bikes exactly to their preferences. 

According to a Ridley spokesperson, the design of the Ridley Dean Fast bike complies with the new UCI 8:1 rule, which allows for additional aerodynamic benefits compared to the previous 3:1 rule.

Ridley’s new F-Surface Plus technology is used to give the Dean Fast time trial bike a textured surface, like that of a golf ball. The dimples on the frame further increases its aerodynamic effects by reducing the drag as air flows will closely follow the contours of the bike frame. The same technology is used on the Ridley Noah Fast Disc bike. The aerodynamic effects of the F-Surface Plus technology are increased in stronger winds, thereby enhancing the bike’s aerodynamic performance in challenging weather conditions.

Ridley Dean Fast frame features include a Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH), generous tire clearance, a removable front derailleur clamp, multiple bottle cage mounting positions, and a PF30 bottom bracket. The Dean Fast requires the use of electronic gear group shifting systems.

If you are drawn to Ridley bikes and are interested in riding Ridley bikes yourself, you can buy Ridley bikes online at Wiggle (UK/Europe) and Competitive Cyclist (USA). 

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