Victor Hugo Pena Interview

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08/8/2005| 0 comments
by Thomas Valentinsen

Victor Hugo Pena Interview

Victor Hugo Pe?a is returning to competition after his injury.

In April Victor Hugo Pe?a fractured a thoracic vertebra while riding the famous Paris-Roubaix race. The 31-year-old Colombian is returning to competitive racing these days at the Tour of Benelux. Since Paris-Roubaix, Pen? has taken a forced four-month break from competition, put in some hard training time on the bike to regain his strength, and celebrated the birth of his son Matteo.


We talked to Victor Hugo Pena before the start of a stage in the Benelux Tour.



Victor Hugo Pe?a, is it difficult to get back into things after your prolonged injury?

Oh, I'd rather not talk about my injury any more. It was very difficult to come back. But now I'm happy to be here again. I need a few races to get back into a similar shape that I was in this past spring. But I'm doing fine.


You don't feel any pain any more?

No, no. But of course I haven't made it through any races in nearly four months. You can't downplay that.


How satisfied are you so far with the Tour of Benelux?

Of course I'd like to keep up with the best riders. But after four months of not racing that isn't possible. Especially now with many riders coming from the Tour de France and being in very good shape. In addition, the Belgian and Dutch riders are specialists on these special roads, and then there's the special weather. Today was actually a good day for me. I was able to keep up with the first group. The fact that I fell back in the end due to a defect is just bad luck.



Do you think you're in good enough form for one or more attacks in the next couple of days?

I'd rather not commit myself to that. I just want to test my physical condition.


Ten days ago you became a father. Congratulations belatedly.

Thank you very much. My wife, our families and I are very happy about Matteo's birth. Unfortunately, so far I've only been able to be with him one night and one morning. Then I had to travel to Europe. My wife sent me photos today. I'm looking forward to flying home and spending some time with my son after the World Championships.


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