UCI committee member not impressed with Armstrong confession

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01/18/2013| 1 comment
by Roadcycling.com

UCI committee member not impressed with Armstrong confession

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey aired on Thursday Lance Armstrong finally confessed to using performance enhancing drugs during his cycling career. One member of the UCI management committee isn’t impressed.

Commenting on the Armstrong interview, Danish member of the UCI Management Committee Peder Pedersen said he was negatively surprised because he is sensing that Armstrong is either concealing something or lying.

"We are still lacking the needed information pertaining to how it was possible to use doping on the team without getting caught. What about the network? Who has aided Armstrong? We still know nothing about this," Pedersen said.

According to Pedersen he was expecting Armstrong to explain in the interview who helped him dope or how he managed to test non-positive in so many doping tests while being doped.

"If he is truly doing this to help create a better future for cycling then he needs to come clean about these things. That's what we need to be able to move forward," Pedersen explained.

"Imagine if there are people who were part of the network which helped Armstrong dope who are still involved in professional cycling today. Then we have gotten nowhere - if all has been covered up and concealed," Pedersen concluded.

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He did seem to be careful, focusing on answering only to situations that are known. So, yes, I think the picture is much much bigger than he will admit to without another decade of accusations. The Betsy answer was as chicken shit as could be. I imagine he is aware of the damage he caused them and is waiting for the law suit to take more of his money. Unless the second part of the interview is completely different, there will be no big revelations on how this all worked.
Oprah needs to sit down with Big George if she wants any real answers.
I wonder if Johan feels the bricks tied to his ankles yet, LA is going to leave him holding the bag.