Product Review: Continental Ultra Sport Hometrainer Tire

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05/18/2005| 0 comments
by Corey Whalen

Product Review: Continental Ultra Sport Hometrainer Tire

The Hometrainer tire is an indoor trainer specific 700X23c tire.

The Continental Ultra Sport HomeTrainer tire is an indoor trainer specific 700X23c tire.  Unfortunately, the tire is an indoor only tire.  If a rider lives in a climate that allows them to go indoors one day and outside the next, I would recommend mounting the tire on a designated wheel for easy changes.  The mounting of the tire is a little bit of a hassle if it is not stretched before putting it on the wheel.  You may want to use tire levers when mounting even if you pre-stretch the tire.



With a maximum tire pressure of 120psi the tire performs extremely well to long time frames of riding on a rear wheel trainer.  Even at full pressure the Continental HomeTrainer tire does not heat up like a road tire traditionally does on a Magnetic Trainer or, Fluid Trainer after prolonged times of usage.  The design of the tread pattern keeps temperature and resistance consistent during use.  Even after big gear climbs and sprints the tire never shredded like some traditional road tires do on rear wheel trainers after prolonged usage.  The HomeTrainer tire allows a rider to stand up and sprint to the fullest without slipping, thus allowing intervals to be effective from beginning to end.  The tire also does not slip easily during low geared spinning intervals.  Unlike using a traditional road tire the Continental HomeTrainer tire keeps a consistent traction during all types of riding that I was able to put it through on an indoor trainer.  I found that the tire performed best at 115psi to 120psi.


All in all, I would recommend the Continental HomeTrainer tire to serious riders who use home trainers often - and to racers on a budget.  In the long run the tire will save you money by not having to use precious race tires or indoor/outdoor training tires. The Continental Ultra Sport Hometrainer tire will make your indoor training sessions more effective.


A major downside to some riders is that the tire only comes in size 700C. Riders who use size 650C wheels when riding their indoor trainer are left out in the cold by Continental. recommends that they add a size 650C HomeTrainer wheel to their product line to serve all types of riders well.


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