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07/19/2006| 0 comments
by Carole Dean
Julian Dean with his son Tanner. Photo copyright Julian Dean. Thanks for sharing.
Julian Dean with his son Tanner. Photo copyright Julian Dean. Thanks for sharing.

Julian Dean Diary

Tour de France 2006 - Stage 15: A painfully magical place.

2006 Tour de France ? Stage 15 ? A painfully magical place

Hi people. Carole here. Have just spoken to Julz who is absolutely relieved to have made it through another mountain stage. He was fair crapping himself about today's stage and his only goal of the day was to stay with Robbie McEwen for as long as he could. In doing so, it would be a fairly safe bet that he would be within the time cut. After all, there's very little chance the 'Green Jersey' would be outside the cut-off time.


So that's what he did. He struggled over the first two climbs, swinging off the back of Robbie's posse and then once hitting the bottom of Alpe d'Huez, he had loads of time to make the time cut and so sat up and took in the magical atmosphere of this famous climb (or grovel...depending on how you're feeling!). He said it was just awesome. He even went as far to say that if he doesn't make the time cut tomorrow, at least he was able to experience Alpe d'Huez in all its glory.


He managed to see quite a few Kiwis out there and was even handed a Monteiths Gold Lager from a Kiwi fella. He said to say, "Thanks to the brother from a different mother...". Obviously you'll know who you are!

Tomorrow is yet another day of being in the 'Hurt Bag' - especially for all the non-mountain goats. Again it'll be about nothing more than survival for Julz. He said it's meant to be harder than today's stage so cross every available appendage for him...

Carole and Tanner :o)


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