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07/19/2006| 0 comments
by Carole Dean
Julian Dean - Team Credit Agricole sprinter. Photo copyright Roadcycling.com
Julian Dean - Team Credit Agricole sprinter. Photo copyright Roadcycling.com

Julian Dean Diary

2006 Tour de France: 2nd rest day - Carole the Ed-ess writes.

2006 Tour de France - Carole the Ed-ess writes...

Hi everyone,

Carole and Tanner here.

I know you all would rather hear from Julz but unfortunately his computer has shit itself for now and therefore his diaries are not forthcoming... Reminiscent of a few grand tours he's done actually... For some reason he always has techo problems half way through a 3wk stage race.... Go figure??? If anyone should be going on diary-writing strike it should be Julz himself!

So I chatted to my lovely last night and the poor bugger is knackered. He says he hasn't felt this buggered since his first ever Grand Tour as a neo-pro. He is just hating it at the mo. He's so tired, he can't sleep and has lost his appetite which makes shovelling in loads of food just to function, near impossible. He is dreading the next 3 days but knows that if he can just make it through those then he's on his way to 'Gay Paris'... Where his 'mini me' and I will be waiting!

There has been some good news from him though.... He managed to get the 2 bottles of Summer Ale that Dale Hollows sent over! That really made his day and when I asked him if he'd already cracked them open he promptly replied, "No way! When I get home, I'm gonna sit up on our roof terrace in the evening and drink those."

Good idea, I thought. There's some things in Spain that are hard to beat and sitting on our roof terrace drinking a nice cold 'Summer Ale' on a warm Summer's evening, with a mountain right behind us and a valley full of Valencian oranges reaching out to the Mediterranian Sea in front of us, is definitely one of them. Just hope he shares one with me!

Apart from receiving his liquid gold, he's also managed to catch up with a few other Kiwis along the way. He's been loving all the Kiwi support out there. No doubt there'll be a few up Alp d'Huez which will be great for his morale....

Hopefully, he can get his computer all figured out real soon. But if not, I'll keep you all updated as best as I can....


Carole and Tanner :o)

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