The Divine Secrets of the Cycle Commuter

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05/16/2005| 0 comments
by Carmichael Training Systems

The Divine Secrets of the Cycle Commuter

With Bike to Work Week starting today, it is primetime to investigate the benefits of ditching your car for two wheels on a regular basis.

With Bike to Work Week (May 16th-20th) starting today, it is primetime to investigate the benefits of ditching your car for two wheels on a regular basis.  And if you already swear by the practice of cycle commuting, then perhaps it?s time to let your secret out.  Though you may not be cycle commuting in secret, do your friends and family truly understand the divine feeling of your early morning and/or afternoon ride?  Encourage your family, friends and even strangers to embrace healthy habits, an active lifestyle, and to partake in the increased quality of life you enjoy - get involved in your local Bike to Work Week activities and spread your knowledge.


While National Bike to Work Week will be predominantly practiced in the USA, many countries host similar events to promote bicycle commuting, or simply encourage alternative modes of transportation.  The mental, physical and financial benefits of cycle commuting are reason enough for government and business groups to push for this lifestyle change.  Bicycle commuting contributes to better health and productivity in the workplace.  It allows participants to effectively escape the current car culture.  Diminish a society?s reliance on the automobile, and there is a subsequent reduction of greenhouse emissions.  In the meantime, riding to work opens many people?s eyes to the outrageous costs of running a car for a year ? almost $3000 versus $300 for a bike. 


Many cities transform Bike to Work Week into a weeklong series of planned events ? after all, what better way to establish lasting habits than through a full week dedicated to the practice. Activities often include themed rides, bike tune ups, pit stops, noon-time rallies, free breakfasts, family rides and bike safety for kids, bike-buddy programs (mentors on the bike), bike lecture series, bicycle film festivals, bicycle poster contests, commuter races, charity races and festivals encourage involvement from the whole community.


If you?re a newbie to cycling, you can use Bike to Work Week to find resources dedicated to supporting cycle commuting.  Preparation is critical; the right equipment, a safe route, and your personal schedule should all be considered.  Explore the local bicycle infrastructure in your area ? contact your city?s bicycle coordinator and Transportation Department for a recommended Route Guide, or hook up with local cycle-commuters for information on favored routes.  And don?t forget the Internet as an invaluable resource; countless articles, guides and tips are offered when you search for keywords such as cycle commuting or bike to work. You should also check out, and their ?Jump Your Co-Workers? game.


Now is the time to make a change that will improve your health, productivity, and overall wellbeing. With gas prices forecast to continue rising and traffic congestion at an all-time high, cycle commuting may also save you time and money. Get in the habit of choosing to commute to work on bike, or consider the possibility of using your bike to get around in your neighborhood.  Discover the divine secrets of the cycle commuter.


To encourage you to try cycle commuting during Ride to Work Week, Carmichael Training Systems will be giving Giordana cycling rain jackets to everyone to signs up for a coaching package during the week of May 16-20, 2005. We will also be devoting our May CTS Newsletter to the subject of cycle-commuting. If you?re not already signed up for the free CTS Newsletter, go to the TrainRight homepage and register on the left side of the page. To sign up for the newsletter, use the link on the right side of this page.

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