Dave's Dogmatic Dribbles - Tour de France - Stage 3

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07/10/2007| 0 comments
by Newly Wed Dave Osborne - AKA Super Dave

Dave's Dogmatic Dribbles - Tour de France - Stage 3

Another win for Cancellara!

I?m amazed the victims of yesterday?s crash only took out one rider. Thomas Vaitkus of Discovery Channel busted his thumb and is out of the Tour. Several others are complaining of soreness but they ride on. We all know how tough bike racers are.


Today is the longest stage of the Tour. With that in mind, Nicolas Vogondy of the Agritubel team and Matthieu Ladagnous from FDJ have attacked. Their pace took them to a maximum lead of 13:50 over the peloton. What thoughts do racers have when they attack? It must be fame, fortune, and the limelight. I wouldn?t know since I?ve never had any of those! I guess if that?s what you?re after, do it on the longest stage to get the most out of it. Maybe they could have sold some advertising space on their jersey. It will only be a matter of time before you are gobbled up.


It seems like this stage is taking forever. Two members of the peloton, Auge and Willems, must have been bored and they bridge to Vogondy and Ladagnous. I guess they want to steal some of the limelight. Auge is actually going to steal the polka dot jersey from Millar. I was right when I said this stage was taking forever. Race tour just reported this is the slowest stage in ten years. By the way, another rider is a new father. Tom Steels? wife gave birth to a daughter yesterday. Jeesh, what do these guys do in the off-season!


Bang! Steegman has crashes into another rider. It looks like the guy in front of him was stopped. He was probably daydreaming about being in the limelight after yesterday. At least he didn?t smack into the back of a team car. The drama dissipates while we wait for the peloton to swallow the leaders. I?ll pick McEwen to win the sprint today.


Willems is doing all he can to keep from getting caught. The other three are trying to provide some help. I can?t help worrying there?s gonna be a big crash on the cobbles. Here comes the peloton and Cancellara slips to the back of the four leaders . It seems to take forever but he churns past them and is in the lead! The sprinters are reacting too late. Cancellara wins! How fitting for the yellow jersey to take the win. I would have never guessed it. I?ll give 20 bucks to anyone who honestly picked him to win.

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