Dave's Dogmatic Dribbles - Tour de France - Stage 2

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07/9/2007| 0 comments
by Newly Wed Dave Osborne - AKA Super Dave

Dave's Dogmatic Dribbles - Tour de France - Stage 2

Cancellara maintains overall lead despite crash.

The start at Dunkirk is somewhat of a reverse of what happened there in World War II. For you history buffs, Dunkirk was the site of one of the greatest rescues of Allied troops. The Germans had made a ferocious advance trapping nearly 340,000 troops who were facing certain doom if the Germans could get to the beach. A maritime rescue was the only option and in about a week, all the Allied troops were carried off the beaches by everything from fishing boats to large ships. Today, the peloton invasion comes from England!


There are no mountain stages so we probably won?t see Millar on the attack. The course profile today would even suit me as flat as it is. As a matter of fact, I think I could manage it. I could add to the drama by trying to finish before the start of tomorrow?s stage. Just look for the lantern rouge!


There are three racers who have made a break while CSC is in charge of the peloton. Congratulations to Andrey Kashechkin. The Astana racer is a new father to a baby boy. I?m honored that he named him after me, David. The break of three made the gap of nearly six minutes before the blitzkrieg started to close in on them. I?m guessing the day will be designed for Boonen. It?s a Belgian thing. Uh oh, there?s been a crash but it seems everyone is back up and going. Maybe the rain shower will raise the concentration level and keep the racers from slipping. They look skittish on the wet road but the finish line is bright and sunlit.


Oh no, racers are tumbling like dominos. The crash blocks the road and only a handful of racers will sprint to the finish. The yellow jersey lands on top of the pile. Who is going to miss out on the sprint? The biggest gang doing the leadout looks like Quickstep.

I knew I guessed right when I picked Boonen. Hey, wait a minute. Boonen?s lead out man, Steegmans, is a little too strong and wins! Hmm, I wonder if that was supposed to happen. It doesn?t seem to matter to Tom as Belgians finish one-two at home. A great treat for the crowd. I can taste that Belgian beer now.


The riding-woundeds are making their way to the line. It doesn?t look good. Can you say broken collarbones, wrists, and ribs? OUCH! Can you say drama? I hope Cancellara can ride tomorrow. Hey, who?s that guy 80 km out? It?s Super Dave! Will he make it? (sigh, no drama there).

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