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07/20/2005| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne
Paolo Savoldelli takes the stage win ahead of Kurt-Asle Arvesen. Photo copyright Fotoreporter Sirotti.
Paolo Savoldelli takes the stage win ahead of Kurt-Asle Arvesen. Photo copyright Fotoreporter Sirotti.

Dave's Dogmatic Dribbles

2005 Tour de France - Stage 17.

Well, he said the ?D? word. ?I?ve accomplished a life?s dream!? Pereiro exclaimed after yesterday?s win. I?ve thought about yesterday?s stage a bit more and I?m not happy with Pereiro. I think Evans was trying to honor the women?s team that was involved in the tragic accident in Germany. Everyone in the peloton knew about it including Pereiro. Cadel rode his heart out and then Pereiro ripped it out a few meters from the finish after he sucked wheel off Cadel all day. This is the same guy who bitched about Hincapie sucking his wheel (Editor?s not: but perhaps he learned something from him?). I guess my dream would have been for Cadel to win. He earned it and it would have been in honor of others, not just for a selfish individual.


Kl?den pulls out after too much pain from his fractured wrist. Vino is leaving for another team. He may ride for a French team. Now there?s a step down!


In the meantime, there?s a group of 17 who are gapping the peloton big time. Interesting that there is a couple of Discovery Channel boys in it. The peloton seems very relaxed. Obviously, the Lance group won?t be mounting a serious chase. The lead group actually attacks each other to form 2 groups. Who will be saying the ?D? word today? Notables in the lead group are: Sevilla, Savoldelli, and Hinault. No, it?s not Bernie!


The peloton seems like they are a couple hours back, not caring. A choo-choo train crossing arm starts to come down on the last riders in the peloton. The team cars have to wait for the train to pass. The peloton is left naked for a few minutes until the cars make it back to them.


Finally, something happens. Tankink (whoever he is) attacks and wakes the others from their nap. Hinault catches and Savoldelli does the same and continues on by. Now, nobody wants to work together. Savoldelli and Arvesen are able to edge past Gerrans and Hinault is out of gas. Discovery Channel wins the stage.



Somewhere, the peloton continues to ride when then the stupid stuff starts to happen. There?s a crash, T-Mobile is setting pace, and Vino attacks. Poor Jan, he can?t get rid of Rasmussen just like the old days when he couldn?t get rid of Lance. Vino attacks (no, this is a different one).


Vino gains time and moves up a couple places overall. Everything else is the same. I don?t think Jan can get 3rd place even with all the talk of not giving up. The big question will be: does Lance want to win an individual stage this year? Stay tuned to Roadcycling.com to find out!


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