Dave's Day Off Dribbles

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07/24/2007| 0 comments
by Newly-Wed Dave Osborne - AKA Super Dave
Alexandre Vinokourov (Astana). Photo copyright <A HREF="http://www.photoshelter.com/usr-show?U_ID=U0000yEwV90OAoAE" TARGET="_BLANK">www.BenRossPhotography.com</A>.
Alexandre Vinokourov (Astana). Photo copyright www.BenRossPhotography.com.

Dave's Day Off Dribbles

What is there to say?

What is there to say? Vino tested positive. It came after winning the time trial.

Vino denied it indicating the ?blood anomalies? could have been from the crash he was in early in the Tour. It looks as though he took a blood transfusion from a donor. Astana has pulled out of the Tour not before their hotel was raided by the police.


David Millar probably said it best, "Jesus Christ - there you go, that's my quote," adding "What timing, huh? This is just fucking great."


How much longer can fans cheer for cyclists and later learn doping may have been involved. The sickness affects the fans. It?s a betrayal. Who do you wonder about? Who do you cheer for? How long will you maintain a likeness towards cycling? I just feel sick and not sure I care about tomorrow.

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