Dave's (another dream come true) Dogmatic Dribbles

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07/17/2005| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne
George Hincapie struggles with Mr. Gravity. Guess who won! Photo copyright Roadcycling.com/<A HREF="http://www.benrossphotography.com" TARGET="_BLANK">Ben Ross Photography</A>.
George Hincapie struggles with Mr. Gravity. Guess who won! Photo copyright Roadcycling.com/Ben Ross Photography.

Dave's (another dream come true) Dogmatic Dribbles

2005 Tour de France - Stage 15.

2005 Tour de France - Stage 15


I still have goose bumps from yesterday?s stage and am still happy for Totschnig. I wonder if anyone has anything left for today?



There are several insignificant attacks early on. A group of 14 establish a break and Discovery leads the peloton. George isn?t leading the peloton because he?s actually in the break. Seems like a leisurely day.  The Casartelli memorial is a significant feature today. I?m sure there will be solemn thoughts about him. Lance always seems to want to honor him with a stage victory. Notice the white ?Fabio? armbands.

Holy stopwatch Batman, the leaders have almost 18 ? minutes. Is that the biggest gap so far for the Tour this year? I?m sure things will change when Mr. Gravity takes over. Is this just a Sunday group ride or a race? Mr. Gravity does take charge and has slapped the lead group which leaves 10 while Totschnig slips off the back of the peloton. More and more back sliding occurs and the lead group numbers six at about 150 km into the stage. The peloton is closing but still double digits back. Notables in the peloton are: Armstrong, Azevedo, Popovych, Rubiera (DSC), Ullrich, Kl?den, Vinokourov (TMO), Basso (CSC), Mancebo (IBA), Jaksche (LSW), Evans (DVL), Rasmussen (RAB), Landis (PHO), Piepoli, Horner (SDV), Moreau, Kashechkin (C.A), Mazzoleni (LAM) and Leipheimer (GST). Looks like Discovery wants to stay with Lance a little longer today after a ?little talk? they might have had last night.

There go Ullrich, Basso, and Armstrong. We haven?t seen that in a while! Rasmussen is falling back. He has some good people to keep him company with the likes of: Leipheimer, Landis, and Vinokourov. Lance must be feeling just fine. Ooops, said that too soon as Basso sprints away. Lance gets on his wheel quickly but Jan can?t react. He watches them race off into the sunset.

Today we won?t forget about the leaders who are Caucchioli, Hincapie, Boogerd and Pereiro. They are about 6?30" ahead of the yellow jersey. I bet these guys are thinking about Totschnig. At about 5km to go, Caucchioli pretends to be Basso and attacks. Hincie and (is that a bottled water company) Pereiro quickly shut him down. This is going to be the Oscar and George show for the finish and you know who I want to win, GO GEORGE!

ANOTHER DREAM HAS COME TRUE, THIS TIME FOR ME! Ok, I suppose it might have been a dream for George also. I don?t believe it! He not only wins a mountain stage but also smiles and actually talks to the reporters. It couldn?t happen to a nicer guy! All I have to say is YEAH BABY, YOU THE MAN GEORGE!

Oh my, a quick look at the GC shows a change between Basso and Rasmussen. Good for Ivan. You know what they say about those mountain bikers anyway, no stamina (that?s what their girlfriends tell me).

Three Americans in the top 7, not bad. These last 2 stages have been awesome! Keep on dreaming (while reading Roadcycling.com)!

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