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07/12/2008| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne

Dave's Dogmatic Dribbles

2008 Tour de France - Stage 8.

2008 Tour de France - Stage 8

I’m sure everyone has heard by now. The rumors about doping have come true for one rider. Manuel Beltran’s test from stage one was positive for EPO and he is gone. What’s this; the French sports authority doesn’t ban the entire team. To most of us, that makes sense. Unfortunately, try to explain that to Team Astana. 

Speaking of blood doping, the rumor about me is true. After last night, my blood alcohol content is tainted from too much Shock Top. To my defense, I thought it was orange juice!

Back at the race, Laurent Lafevere is out front. I think he and Brett Favre should get together and discuss how to pronounce each other’s names. Laurent is later joined by a teammate and two other racers, the foursome hold the lead until about 20 km to go. Team Columbia has kept control of the peloton. Now, the sprinter’s teams are coming forward.

The suspense doesn’t really begin until 5km to go. Columbia is back in front. It’s wall to wall sprinters. Cavendish is in fifth and has a teammate providing a lead-out. Cavendish bursts ahead and wins!

Good news and bad. Columbia’s tactics today were right on from start to finish. Their sprinter gets his second stage win. Kirchen stays in yellow. The bad news, it’s the beginning of the end for Kirchen. I hope he enjoys his last day in yellow.

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