Tom Boonen Continues with Team Quick Step

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05/12/2009| 0 comments
by Thomas Valentinsen
Tom Boonen (Team Quick Step).
Tom Boonen (Team Quick Step).

Tom Boonen Continues with Team Quick Step

The team has issued a statement confirming the suspension and that Boonen will return to competition for Team Quick Step in due course.

The main sponsor QUICK STEP and the team have decided to continue their cooperation with Tom Boonen after he tested positive for cocaine for the 2nd time.

The team has issued the following statement about the Tom Boonen situation.

"The following steps will be taken:

The suspension is confirmed.

A financial settlement is being worked out.

Tom Boonen emphasizes that he does not in any way minimizes the use of cocaine. Therefore, a guidance plan will be drawn up in dialogue with himself and a guidance team of a specialized guidance centre certified by the RIZIV.

It concerns occasional use of cocaine, triggered by certain situations, in moments of detention, in particular in the period in between important sports performances in which there is less tension. In similar problem situations in other domains and with young people how do not live as much in the spotlights the guidance is proposed as follows:

It does not concern an addiction in the true sense of the word. The person concerned is no “slave” of the product but only uses it in sporadic and specific instances. It concerns an intelligent young man, with good surroundings and a stable family life who takes his responsibility in the majority of situations. Then, counselling by a specialized psychologist or psychiatrist, who reaches handles to prevent relapse is proposed.

In this type of counselling it is most important to recognize and acknowledge certain situations that trigger the use and the teaching of an appropriate reaction to those situations.

Seeing the specific situation of Tom Boonen it is advisable to make the guidance a lot stricter. Concerning first of all the wellbeing of the person concerned and the persons closest to him but keeping in mind the implications of his behaviour tot the whole group of colleagues and assistants and the society life in its whole.

The proposal in his case is the following:
- The guidance, based on the guidance plan above, will take minimum one year, with at least one weakly consultation during the first months. Afterwards, the frequency can be determined in accordance with the therapist.
- in support, a urine test will done by the guidance team every two weeks
- Moreover, a hair analysis will be conducted by a registered laboratory at least three times a year

In due course it will be communicated when Tom is ready to get back into competition.
Signed by
Frans De Cock (Sponsor)   Patrick Lefevere (Team manager)   Tom Boonen (Rider)"

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