Light and Motion Seca 700 Race LED Front Light Review

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12/6/2008| 0 comments
by Ron Meisel
Light and Motion Seca 700 Race LED front bike light.
Light and Motion Seca 700 Race LED front bike light.

Light and Motion Seca 700 Race LED Front Light Review

Dynamite comes in small packages. Light & Motion has produced a front light with a powerful punch.

We review the Light and Motion Seca 700 Race LED front bike light.

Dynamite comes in small packages. Light & Motion has produced a front light with a powerful punch. Throw away your lead water bottle battery because the Light and Motion Seca 700 Race LED is a dynamite package.

I wondered how a light as small as this would illuminate. Not only is the light itself small, but the battery is also compact. It is a little larger than two D batteries side by side. The SECA 700 RACE comes in a semi hard clam shell case. It zips open for both felt lined compartments to lay flat. One side has a web net to hold loose items while the other has dividers that are Velcro fastened and can be arranged to form different size compartments. It neatly holds the light, battery, charger, mount, manual and there’s room for more. It is handy to keep everything together and for storage.

To operate the light, push and release the on/off button and high beam is activated. Change to medium beam by tapping the on/off button again. A flashing mode easily catches people’s attention during daylight hours. When the battery is low the beam will flash repeatedly at a timed interval. This warning gave me time to set up my backup light. The light shut off after about ten minutes from the low battery warning. Light & Motion states battery life ranges from 3.5 hours on high beam to 14 hours on low beam. The battery recharges in two hours. I like the safety factor in that the light doesn’t get hot.

There were no surprises that I literally ran into with the beam pattern produced by the Light & Motion SECA 700 RACE. It has intensity and range. The beam pattern didn’t have any fuzzy spots or dark areas. It illumined not only my lane but the entire two lane road and the opposite side ditch. The color of the beam is white rather than yellow.

On my first use, I attached it to my helmet in under a minute. It’s going to take me longer to type my explanation than it took to mount it. No tools are needed. There is a rubber pad on the bottom of the mount that sits atop the helmet. I threaded the Velcro strap through the vent slots on the helmet. This strap is adjustable for different types of helmets. Then, slip the rubber strap that is attached to the light under the cylindrical tube on the mount. Stretch the strap tight and hook it into one of the eight holes to secure it.

Once on the road I adjusted the light horizontally and vertically. It remained secure with no need to readjust. I ran the cable from the light to the battery down the back of my helmet. I made some big loops with zip ties to allow me to pull the cable back through when I unplug it from the battery or change the mounting to the handlebars. That’s the beauty of this light, being able to mount it almost instantaneously to the handlebars, stem, or even the head tube on any bike.

I felt as though I gained superpowers when I went out on my first night ride. No longer was I being treated like I didn’t belong on the road by four wheeled vehicles. As Super Lumens Man, I would flick my head towards a car coming from a side street and freeze them in place! The intensity of this light was obviously getting their attention. Show respect for your new found powers and DO NOT shine this into anyone’s face! I no longer avoided certain rush hour routes due to the attention I receive from motorists while using the SECA 700 RACE. You may not be invincible but I feel more secure in traffic.

When a vehicle approached from behind I would play around by illuminating objects on either side of the road such as a tree or hillside. The car behind would slow down, dim their lights, switch lanes, and use their blinker when pulling back into my lane. This may seem ordinary for those of you in cars, but this hasn’t been my experience on a bicycle until now. I no longer rode blind when oncoming vehicles shined their high beams in my face because Super Lumens Man could turn the tables on them!

As all super heroes do, I performed good deeds for the citizens of megatropolis. As I approached pedestrians they would notice my light from a distance and make way for me. I defeated sections of darkness for wary citizens strolling along the bikepath. I helped a person find their cell phone lost in the grass and another to read the time on his watch.

My biggest challenge occurred when a pack of villain canines attempted a sneak attack while I was riding on a country road. I wasn’t up to super power speed when I first noticed the oncoming attack from the ditch. The growling pack had the angle and speed advantage over me. My only option was to use my SECA 700 RACE and direct a stun beam towards their head. They literally stopped in their tracks as I sped away laughing. I assume the power of the beam affected their vision.

The changes have been night and day with this light (pun intended). I have gained respect from motorists and can clearly see wherever I ride. I have benefitted from its use while commuting, road biking and mountain biking. It has stood up to rain, sleet, snow, and high winds. I haven’t even cleaned the lens once and it doesn’t have any scratches nor is the lens clouded.

My preference has always been to ride with a helmet and bar mounted light. I was skeptical to use only one light when testing the unit from Light & Motion. When I expressed my concern to the staff at Light & Motion, they politely assured me I would be fine. Super Lumens Man remained skeptical until I put it to use. I’m sold!

Not only is this an outstanding light but I want to give Light & Motion credit for their environmental commitment. They have received multiple awards for being a green business and were named as the small business of the year in 2008. 

Armed with my Light and Motion SECA 700 RACE, Super Lumens Man is off to defeat darkness!

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