Finish Line Bike Care Products and Bike Lubricants Review

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07/29/2009| 0 comments
by Ron Meisel

Finish Line Bike Care Products and Bike Lubricants Review

It was like Christmas all over again when we received our supply of Finish Line lubes and cleaners in addition to their new shop quality chain cleaner.

It was like Christmas all over again when I received my supply of Finish Line bicycle lubes and cleaners in addition to their new shop quality chain cleaner.  I can’t remember how many years I’ve been buying Finish Line products to use on all my bicycles.  What I can remember is how well they work and I’ve never found anything better.  Maybe it’s more than a coincidence that Finish Line was founded in 1988 which is the same year I began riding bicycle as an adult. I can say with confidence that in 20 years of use I have never been disappointed with their miracle products.

Speaking of miracles, the shop quality chain cleaner was a new item for my toolbox. I still had my original Finish Line chain cleaner and was anxious to see how the new and improved one would function.  I wasn’t disappointed as it instantly became clear it was easier to use and did the same exceptional job of cleaning.  Be sure to put the bike in the proper gear as specified in the directions.  Also make sure you apply enough downward tension when you are holding the unit and backpedal the cranks.  You will know if you haven’t pulled down far enough as it will have a tendency to bind.

Another new item I added to my toolbox was Finish Line Fiber Grip. This assembly gel creates friction between carbon fiber surfaces and their contact within the clamp.  This would include stems, handlebars, seat posts, and seat tubes.  I am usually uneasy when tightening carbon fiber components.  Fiber Grip is intended to eliminate the need for overtightening.  Beware as I found Fiber Grip would scuff the carbon fiber surface.  I noticed this when I changed the height of a seatpost after using the gel.  The carbon fiber was scuffed in the area where it had been clamped. However, the gel eliminated all my past problems of sliding and creaking.

In keeping up with the times, Finish Line realized ceramic bearings are being used so they developed ceramic grease.  I highly recommend using this specific grease especially when considering the cost of these bearings.  It’s a small price to pay to protect and enhance the function of ceramic specific bearings.

The remainder of the products I reviewed were old standbys.  They included wax lube, Teflon plus dry, speed degreaser, show polish, and speed clean.  Wet and dry lubes are a matter of personal preference and seasonal use.  There is a time and place for both.  I guarantee the chain lube never washed away regardless of how many times I was caught out in the rain.
Cleaning and polishing the bike was as easy as pushing down the nozzle on the spray can.  Shoot the drive train with the degreaser and hit the frame with the speed clean.  When it has finished evaporating, shoot it with the show polish/protector and you’re good to go.

Here’s a real life example of how the Finish Line saved the day.  I came across a bike rider who told me he needed new rapid fire shifters on his mountain bike because they were gummed up from an unknown lube. I used the ECO Tech 2 multi degreaser.  After a couple applications of spraying this into the shifters they went from not working at all to like new.  I finalized the repair with a dry lube application.  Two summers have gone by and I’m told the shifting remains flawless.  A cleaner and lube were able to repair a set of shifters that weren’t designed to be taken apart and cleaned.  This is a perfect example of not only the value of Finish Line products but their ability to perform.  Like I said at the beginning, I’ve never been disappointed nor have I found anything better.

As everything keeps going up in price I’m grateful that the products I use from Finish Line will enhance the life of my components and bicycles.  There’s no advantage in using high end components if they are not properly maintained.  Spending thousands of dollars on a gruppo won’t matter if cleaners and lubes don’t do their job. To me, it is certainly worth spending a few dollars on exceptional products from Finish Line.

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