Fibre Flare Bike Light Review

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09/18/2009| 0 comments
by Ron Meisel
Fiber Flare rear bike light.
Fiber Flare rear bike light.

Fibre Flare Bike Light Review

Long-term review of the Fibre Flare bike light.

Long-term review of the Fibre Flare bike lights.

Safety is always a concern with cyclists.  Being seen anytime is important but even more so at night.  The Fibre Flare optic light greatly enhances your visibility.

As with any product, ease of use will determine whether it’s something you leave at home or benefit from in your day to day riding.  Fibre Flare makes it easy with “batteries are included”.  It was simple enough to slip off the stretchable rubber end cap and drop in a battery on each end.  The ladder style bands slip onto a clip on each end of the fiber optic shaft.  At this point it’s simply a matter of deciding where to place the light.  It can be put on your seat stay, top tube, down tube, or even fixed to your clothing.

On one end of the light is a red circular indication that you press to turn the light on and off.  The first push turns the unit to a solid red and a second push will begin the eye catching flashing mode.  I would prefer a more tactile feel such as a bump or an indentation.  When using this light at night, it is sometimes difficult to see where to press the power switch.  Since both ends are identical you’re not sure where the power button is. Perhaps a different colored end cap would let you know where to find it.

The function of this light was outstanding even in the daylight. It was noticeable nearly a half a mile away. In the dark, my co-tester said the Fibre Flare was brighter than my flashing LED lights I had been using.  Fibre Flare is unique with nearly 360° visibility from the light.  It can be seen from several directions at once.  Obviously the tube that you mount the light against would block the view from that direction. 

It is lightweight and flexible which added to my conclusion about this being a good product.  It has been unaffected by continuous pounding on a gravel roads and weather conditions including rain and snow for several months.  I have beaten up this light and it continues to work.  The durability leaves no question.  After my trial with the FibreFlare, I knew I would purchase their two pack set of lights.  My intended use is one on each seat stay and one on either on my backpack or jersey.  Don’t laugh when I say I’ve been contemplating using this light on pets and children!

The brightness of this light is undisputed.  You literally can tell the difference between it and my other lights. It is much like seeing the difference between LED taillights on cars as opposed to standard filament bulbs.  I love things that are simple, functional, versatile and easy to use and maintain.  Fibre Flare meets all of these criteria. The added bonus is it keeps me safe!

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