Dave's Kicked Out Dribbles

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07/25/2007| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne
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Dave's Kicked Out Dribbles

Unbelievable, or is it?

Unbelievable! Or is it? Rabobank didn?t want Michael in the Tour and he was booted by the team. It is connected to his mysterious whereabouts and failure to take drug tests.


Rasmussen couldn?t be found a month before the Tour and missed two drug tests. Poor Michael blamed it on being in Mexico but last I knew the boot shaped country he was seen in is called Italy. Imagine, a pro cyclist lying about something, the nerve!


If this was to happen, it should?ve happened before the Tour even started when the officials already knew about it. Instead, the guy races in spectacular fashion and then they yank his chain. If cycling wants to clean up the sport, they aren?t doing a very good job with their timing. Somebody else needs to take over the job. It took the action the team sponsor to do anything. This kind of crap by everyone involved has made me angry. Is there anything or anyone to even cheer for? What will happen next?

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