Castelli Podio Jersey, Free Aero Race Bib Short + Leggero Vest Review

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07/16/2010| 0 comments
by Tedd Jacobson
Castelli Leggero test.
Castelli Leggero test.

Castelli Podio Jersey, Free Aero Race Bib Short + Leggero Vest Review

After the test, choosing to review Castelli clothing was definitely the right decision.

My 1998 kit was made by Castelli and was the first time I wore Castelli cycling clothing. Unfortunately it didn't last long because I crashed in my 3rd race of the year and ruined it. Even worse I broke my right clavicle in the process. I thought wearing Castelli clothing again would be bad karma. After the test, choosing to review 2010 Castelli clothing was definitely the right decision.

First of all, I liked the way it fit. It was tight to my body and there was no drag from anything being loose fitting. The Castelli Podio jersey and the Castelli Free Aero Race Bibshort were both snug-fitting. I normally wear medium jerseys and large shorts. I would say the Podio jersey runs true to size and the Free Aero Race Bibshorts run a size small. So, I would buy the bibshorts a size larger than you normally would.

On my first outing with the Castelli kit I joined a Sunday morning group ride. As soon as I rolled in people were asking me questions about the clothing I had on. Who makes it? Do you like it?, etc., etc. I was feeling pretty special because I normally don't get this much attention.

The ride went well for me and not noticing what you have on is a testament to the clothing. The ride lasted almost 3 hours so I had plenty of time to see if I could get energy packs from jersey's pockets. Yep, no problem, the pockets were exactly in the right location, so my hand fit right in. It hit me about 2 hours into the ride how comfortable I was. I sat in the saddle longer than I can remember without standing up to relieve discomfort. The Castelli Free Aero Race Bibshorts' padding was great, no chaffing and its pillow-like feel lasted the entire 3 hour ride.

As we neared the end of the ride we had to climb a 2 mile long hill. I was beginning to heat up pretty quick. Unzipping my jersey half way down easy. The Podio jersey has an easy grasp zipper that moved up and down freely.

As we peaked the climb we had 3 miles of steep downhill until we were done. I thought it would a great time to throw on the Castelli Leggero vest to help keep a little warmth for the finish. The vest can be balled up to fit in the palm of your hand. Oh man, it is light! The Leggero vest provided just enough wind protection to prevent me nicely from getting chilled on the descend, especially after I had worked up a good sweat.

My remaining rides with the Castelli kit were equally as pleasant as the first. I try not to wear it too often because I don't want to wear it out. I like it that much! Here are some technical features that stand out.

The Castelli Podio jersey is made of Prosecco 3D Strada fabric, which helps wick moisture and keeps the fabric off the skin; it also has an extra pocket for keys or money that is secured by a zipper in front of the middle pocket.

The Castelli Free Aero Race Bibshorts liner has 7 panels for added cushioning, it has a Giro ++ leg band, which looks cool and helps to keep the bibshort perfectly in place on the leg.

The Castelli Leggero vest has a mesh back for easy heat dissipation and like I said earlier it can be folded up so small it can fit in the palm of your hand. It also comes with a self storing pouch. It is the choice of the pro Cervelo TestTeam.

Fit, comfort, and style have been met and surpassed by Castelli. Best of all, there were no crashes or broken bones. Thanks Castelli for good karma! Visit for more information.

You may also buy Castelli bike clothing online at Wiggle.

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