3T Brezza LTD Aerobar Review

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07/25/2009| 0 comments
by Corey Whalen
The New 3T Brezza LTD time trial aerobars.
The New 3T Brezza LTD time trial aerobars.

3T Brezza LTD Aerobar Review

Roadcycling.com reviews the Brezza LTD time trial aerobars from The New 3T.

We review the Brezza LTD time trial aerobars from The New 3T.

The facts

Manufacturer: The New 3T
Price: US$500 (Team edition) - US$800 (LTD edition)
Weight: 510 g (LTD edition)
Width: 40 cm
Materials: Carbon Base Bar with Carbon Extensions and Arm Rests
Compatible: Non-integrated 31.8 clamp stems
Extensions available: s-bend (included), straight, ski-bend
Website: www.thenew3t.com


The Brezza LTD Aerobar system by 3T can be described in three words: fast, light, and adjustable.  The Brezza is extremely fast looking when you pull it out of the packaging.  The sleek carbon base bar with internal shifter and brake routing, is extremely clean to the look at and also to the wind. The 3T Brezza Aerobars breath performance.  Just like its big brother 3T Ventus and its UCI Legal cousin 3T Mistral, the Brezza is all performance and little fluff!

Set-up, Adjustment, and Technology

Unlike the Ventus, the Brezza does not come with integrated stem and brakes.  However, with a textured 31.8 clamping surface the bar is going to be compatible with most 31.8 stems on the market, thus making the Brezza Aerobars appealing to the masses and extremely adjustable in ride angle.  Once the base bar is connected to a stem of rider’s choice length and angle, the rest of the Brezza Aerobars are very easily put together with four (two each side) 4mm allen bolts that hold the extension and arm rest clamps on the aero base bar.  The included s-bend aero extensions are easily installed by sliding them easily through the arm rest and extension clamps.  (note:  don’t forget to install the end plugs on the end of the extensions before installing them into the extension clamp!)  Once the Aero extensions are inserted into the clamp they can be rotated 360 degrees and forwards and backwards to the set-up preference of the rider.  If a person doesn’t like the s-bend extensions there are ski-bend and straight aero extensions available from 3T (or dealer) at an extra cost. 

Once the bar, extensions, and arm rest brackets are in place there are four available positions for the carbon arm rest plates to be bolted on using two 3 mm allen bolts each.  These four bolts also hold the extensions clamped in place, so make sure they are tight.  The versatility of the arm rests makes for a virtually universal cockpit.  Installation of the arm pads is a cinch due to the high strength Velcro.  However, adjustment of the arm rests can be very difficult if the Velcro is not aligned properly.  Once the Velcro is on properly the arm pads are securely in place until you peal them off leaving one side of the Velcro to put the pads back onto at a later time.

Shifters, brakes, cables and housings are fairly easy to install, so that you can go enjoy the bars.  The shifters, shift cables and housings are extremely easy to route.  I would definitely suggest making sure your cable housings are the correct length before installing them.  Once you have the correct length of housing, they are simply installed through the internal routing port on the shift end of the extensions and run completely through the entire length of the extension and out the back through the bar plugs at the end.  Simple!  Furthermore the shifters are easily inserted into the other end of the extensions and internally clamped just like any other aero bar system.  When you run cables make sure you get the cable started in the housing before putting the housing into the shifters.

Unfortunately, the brake lever and housing isn’t so easy (unless you purchase the optional 3T levers).  The cables are easily hidden from the wind with the internal cable routing that delivers the housings and cables out cleanly next to the stem.  3T did not include cable port holes for the housings to exit from.  This makes externally routed reverse pull brake levers such as those made by Tektro, Cane Creek, and Profile Design a little difficult to mount.  If you are not an experienced mechanic this poses a problem - and sometimes the cost of having to buy new brake levers.  If you are an experienced mechanic, drilling out a hole in order to get a cable through is the simple but not the easiest answer (Warning: Make sure that you know what you are doing or have an experienced mechanic do the drilling. Roadcycling.com does not recommend drilling holes in aero bars. We recommend using original 3T levers instead). After a hole is drilled or an internally routed brake lever is installed the bar is extremely clean looking.

3T designed the Brezza aero bar system to be extremely aerodynamic in a wide range of angles so that the bar would be extremely adjustable and to accommodate different wind angles.  By using the 3T Intelligent Production Lifecycle, 3T is able to create an aerodynamic as well as a strong and functional aerobar system with all of their aerobars.  All of the 3T aerobars were also tested and developed in the San Diego Air & Space Technology Center Wind Tunnel.  Thank you, technology development.

The Ride and Verdict

After several rides and time trials, the 3T Brezza Ltd proved to be a competent and strong performer.  Right out of the blocks the brake extensions and base bar make a great platform for standing and sprinting, and for seated climbs.  The base bar proves to be stiff and stable when high torque forces are applied and needed.  Thanks to the textured 31.8 mm clamping surface the bar stays put and doesn’t rotate up or down unwanted.  As well as being a stable platform when out of the aero position, the extensions and the arm rest setup is both comfortable and extremely performance orientated.  The s-bend extensions are a perfect match to the base bar.  They are comfortable as well as extremely easy to get perfectly ride-tuned for speed.  Furthermore, the arm rests and pads are at a perfect height compared to the base bar and the aero s-bend extensions, thereby ensuring a very comfortable ride where the rider feels completely in control of the bicycle.

In my opinion 3T has created an awesome aerobar system in the Brezza LTD.  The Brezza is easily adjustable, easy to set up, and extremely clean cable routing make it a complete package that is great for any triathlete or time trial roadie looking for a high performance aerobar to make them faster! They don’t just look fast, they are fast! Just ask Bradley Wiggins and the Garmin Pro cycling team – or the guys and gals from Cervelo TestTeam.

Visit The New 3T online at www.thenew3t.com.

Click here to buy the 3T Brezza LTD aerobar online.

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