2008 Interbike Briefs - Part 4

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09/26/2008| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne
JAMA - Food of the Gods.
JAMA - Food of the Gods.

2008 Interbike Briefs - Part 4

JAMA energy products and a look at Fibre Flares.


DO:  I’m speaking with Marty at the JAMA booth at Interbike 2008. I needed a snack and tried a hand mixed sample of their energy mix. My first observation was it tasted good. Our readers at Roadcycling.com want to know more about JAMA. What can you tell us?

Marty:  We are a new company and have been in business for a few months. We decided to open with a product that is completely different and original – a product that nobody else is carrying. We have a freeze dried product that maintains the nutrients and flavor content of real fresh raw natural food. We freeze dry it and put it in a packet. We also have oil and honey mixture that’s in a bottle. All you have to do is add water and mix the contents together.

DO:  I see you’re just hand mixing this in a bowl. Like you say, just add water.

Marty:  You can mix it in a bowl, you can mix it in a Ziploc bag, you can mix it in the bag that it comes in. Then you can put it into smaller size bags and carry them with you.

DO:  Is it granola form? Is that accurate?

Marty:  It’s a cross between granola and what most people would consider an energy bar. It’s very soft and sticks together. You can form it into whatever shape or size you want. You can also add anything else you want to add to the mix. As it comes it is extremely healthy with live enzymes that help athletes process nutrients and protein.

DO:  Is this a before, during, or after ride product?

Marty:  Yes to all of the above!

DO:  It’s an all-in-one; You don’t have to sort out your energy products?

Marty:  That’s the thing I really like about the product. When I do my long races, I’m eating the same product from beginning to end and afterwards.

DO:  I’m seeing some liquid here also. What is that?

Marty:  The interesting thing about our products is that they are made from a grain called amaranth.  It is one of most nutritious grains out of Peru. It’s so small you would have a hard time seeing it if it were in the palm of your hand. We pop it like popcorn. In the drink we grind it into a powder. It is a grain-based drink with real fruit.

DO:  Same with your bars, just add water. Where can our readers find out more about JAMA - “Food of the Gods”?

Marty:  Our website address is www.jamanutrition.com. All the information is there…all persons I’ve given this to have been amazed how it has helped them. Because our bars are moist and fresh they are a lot easier to eat. It’s purchased online. Everything is done direct at this point.

Fibre Flare

As functional as it is unique, The Fibre Flare light goes beyond what you think of in a safety light. Be seen in 360 degrees. Easily attach it to your frame or clothing. Owner Xavier Jablonski’s moto is Be Seen - Feel Safer. Distributors are being selected for a world wide launch. Check it out at www.fibreflare.com.

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