2008 Interbike Briefs - Part 1

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09/25/2008| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne

2008 Interbike Briefs - Part 1

Brief interviews about Jelly Belly and Paceline products.

Brief interviews about Jelly Belly and Paceline products.

Jelly Belly

DO:  I’m with John at the Jelly Belly booth and he wants to tell us about some new flavors they have.

John: We listened to a lot of cyclists, a lot of marathoners, and a lot of triathletes and the one thing they wanted was just a little bit of caffeine, not a lot. We just put 15 mg of caffeine in each bag of Jelly Belly Sports Beans and that’s about a half cup of coffee. You have the same nutrients and vitamins. We give you enough energy to go for about an hour and replenish what you just lost.

DO: I would guess the cyclists would find them easy to munch on…

John: ...and most of all, tasty! You can have an endurance product like this and it doesn’t have to taste bad. We know how to make things taste good. We started there. I invite your readers to check us out at www.jellybelly.com.

DO:  Jelly Belly is not just for cyclists anymore. Tell us where you can find Jelly Belly that people wouldn’t think of.

John: During spring training this year for the NFL every single camp was handing out Jelly Belly Sport Beans especially during the hot season. They wanted to make sure their players were replenishing when they could. The whole idea is they wanted to play instead of pee and this is the way to do it.

DO:  Thank you so much.

Paceline Products

DO:  I’m with Marlo from Paceline Products. As I look at everything you have on display, I’m guessing every cyclist that I know has a product from Paceline.

Marlo:  We basically started as chamois butter and the promotion of it. As we started getting more inquiries we decided to pick up other products to help fuel the chamois butter. We carry Maxxis Tires and Headsweats. We picked up some other skin care products like the Qoleum line. We are the only US distributor for Qoleum. We have different accessories that cyclists will use in rides and races every day.

DO:  I think that’s accurate Marlo, because from what I see here you have energy drinks to chainstay protection shields. Where can our readers learn what they can get from Paceline for their cycling needs?

Marlo:  Any retailers that are interested can visit our website at www.pacelineproducts.com.

DO:  So consumers need to go to their local bike shop…

Marlo: Tell the bikeshop and we have a lot of lines that we can get out.

DO: Is there anything new that cyclists haven’t heard of yet?

Marlo:  The chamois butter Eurostyle is brand new. We have lots of great reviews and our pro riders love it.

DO:  Thank you for your time and have a great show

Marlo: Thank you

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