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Tifosi Optics Aethon Sunglasses - Men's
Price: $69.95
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A pair of knockoff shades at your local convenience store will hang in there for awhile, until you drop them on the ground and their weaknesses are quickly exposed. At that point, you could go buy another pair of cheap specs, or you could get your hands on the Tifosi Optics Aethon Sunglasses to give yourself adaptive coverage on every adventure. Whether you're pedaling with friends through the countryside or scrambling up a local peak, the Aethon's polycarbonate lenses are ready to supply UVA and UVB protection at a moment's notice. But they don't stop there. These performance shades also feature rubber padding along the nose and temples to enhance grip, and a ventilated bar along the brow boosts airflow to prevent fogging, especially as you sweat on a muggy summer run. Wear them to the beach or rock them on the road, and your eyes will always thank you.