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Blackburn Countdown 1600 Headlight One Color, One Size
Price: $169.95
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Whether you work a 9-to-5 with very little free time, or you're an unemployed night riding enthusiast, we have to say there's something extra-special about embarking on dark, empty trails that host no living creatures other than yourself, some families of rabbits, and a scattered herd of deer. There is a risk that comes with it, though, and that's losing light, and ending up miles from nowhere, hiking out with nothing more than your slowly dying phone screen to illuminate your path. That fate is preventable with the Blackburn Countdown 1600 Headlight. This loaded light not only offers up to 1600-lumens to light your way, but it also provides an actual countdown screen to tell you the amount of time you have left on the battery for any given mode. There are 6 different modes you can run, ranging from flashy strobes for road visibility to night-piercing Blitz, and as you toggle through the modes the countdown indicator automatically adjusts, allowing you to select the best mode for the ride time you have left. The Countdown 1600 charges faster than most lights we've had on hand, with Blackburn claiming it can be loaded all the way to 80% in only 10 minutes, so impromptu night rides are totally tangible, even if you left it off the charger over the day. Mounting the Countdown 1600 to your handlebars is simple with its adjustable clamp, and unlike other bar-mount lights, it can fit any size bar from 22. 2mm to 35mm. Should your night ride be graced with a few spots of rain you can be at ease knowing that the light is certified IP-67 waterproof, staying functional in up to one meter of water for thirty minutes, and while we don't recommend taking a through-a-lake detour, we can say that the peace of mind helps us stay happy spinning away when there's a chance of shower in the forecast.