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Crank Brothers Klic Digital Floor Pump w/ Tubeless Canister
Price: $249.99
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Solving problems you may or may not have already been aware you had, the Crank Brother's Klic Digital Floor Pump with Tubeless Canister is at your service. This versatile pump packs in a serious punch for tubeless riders, and riders looking for the highest tire pressures alike, thanks to its included air chamber for pre-loading and rapid dispersing of air, making seating beefy tubeless hoops a breeze, and a smaller chamber for dialing in pressures up to 160PSI. We're fans of the unique and clean design that the Klic was given, though it may be a little unconventional. Instead of featuring the standard external hose, its hose drops down inside of the main body, and lands with its gauge sitting neatly nestled into the handle when its not in use. When you're ready to use it, simply pull it out by the gauge, and let the magnetic valve seat itself on either the tubeless canister, or remove the canister for direct pressure to your tires. The digital gauge makes for clean, easy readings, so you can get things dialed to just the perfect setting, and the tubeless canister is fully removeable, not only making it ideal for pumping different kinds of tires, but also allowing you to pre-load it with pressure, and bring just the hose and cannister to the trailhead, reducing bulk in the back of your car, and setting you up for a quick burst of pressure in an emergency.