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Kogel Bearings ITA DUB Bottom Bracket Black, 70mm, Road DUB
Price: $259.99
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For some time now, there's been a serious issue if you've craved the combination of SRAM's DUB cranksets with an Italian-threaded bicycle. You'd have been hard pressed to find a bottom bracket that pairs up with SRAM's DUB axle, while accommodating fine Italian threads, but fortunately for you, Kogel Bearings bridges the gap with its ITA DUB Bottom Bracket -- and takes things a step further with sleek ceramic bearings for ultra smooth rolling. Kogel creates their bearings with a silicone nitride that combines a set of material properties making it ideal for cycling -- we don't know all the ins and outs of it, but what we do know is that it's hard, resistant to wear, and can be made into a flawlessly round ball with super tight tolerances, followed by a smooth polish that can be perfected beyond metal. Plus -- ceramic bearings do not rust or oxidize over time, keeping you rolling smooth and quickly year in and year out.